What To Wear To A Funeral Men?

December 26, 2022

What to wear to a funeral men? The best way to express your respect for others is to wear a costume with elegant, courteous colors. So, do suits have to be worn? You will not be kicked out of a funeral for not wearing a suit, but we recommend dressing to blend in rather than stand out. Other men’s fashion ideas for attending a funeral are here. This article from Liftyolife (liftyolife.com) brings to you today.

1. What to consider when dressing for funerals?

  • Formality:

There is no dress code rule for funerals, but you may want to dress formally if you are a close relative or friend of the deceased. In case you are not a best friend or too close to the dead, dressing formally, such as in a suit, is still an acceptable option..

  • Culture of the family:

You must not ignore the culture of the deceased’s family. This is an essential factor to consider. Even within modern Western culture, there are many variations, so do your research on the decedent’s culture and religion.

  • The weather:

You won’t be concerned with colors because you’ll most likely stick with neutrals, focus on finding the suitable fabric. This is more of a practical consideration when attending a funeral. Wearing a wool three-piece suit in hot weather, for example, would be cliche.

  • Grooming:

Cultivate the image of a polite and neat man; don’t let the loose buns detract from the solemnity of the funeral. Style your hair professionally, and groom yourself by trimming your mustache and beard.

  • The fit:

Wearing the appropriate attire isn’t the only way to pay your respects. A suit, for example, is useless if it does not fit properly. As a result, having it tailored to your exact measurements would be ideal.

2. What is proper funeral attire?

The proper attire for a funeral or memorial service is straightforward: dress to show respect for the person whose life you are commemorating. This entails wearing more conservative clothing that is not flashy or brightly colored. Suits, pants, jackets, and sweaters in darker colors are appropriate. Flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, casual tennis shoes, and cleavage are not acceptable attire. Despite the service being a celebration of life, many of those in attendance will be in mourning. Your goal is to blend in rather than stand out.

What is proper funeral attire?

What is proper funeral attire?

If you don’t have a suit or are unable to wear one for whatever reason, some modest traditional dress code may be considered, but remember to stick to darker, more somber colors. Anything flashy should be avoided.

Men’s basic advice:

  • Dark suits or buttoned shirts are appropriate.
  • Shirts with long sleeves and a collar,
  • Belt with a shirt tucked in,
  • Loafers or dress shoes,
  • Avoid wearing:
    • athletic shoes,
    • flip flops,
    • sneakers,
    • jeans (though in many settings, dark jeans with a tucked-in shirt are acceptable),
    • shorts,
    • baseball caps.

Ideas for basic funeral attire for men:

  • Put on a suit and tie.
  • Polo shirt, slacks, belt,
  • Shirt with a button-down collar, tie, slacks, belt
  • Shirt with a button-down collar, vest, slacks (or dark jeans), belt,
  • With a blazer, any of the above.

3. Basic dressing tips for men going to funeral

Basic dressing tips for men going to funeral

Basic dressing tips for men going to funeral

3.1. Consider the weather

Because outdoor burials at a cemetery gravesite follow many funeral services, it is also essential to plan an outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate for the season.

If you are attending a funeral in the summer, a linen-style suit may be more comfortable in the heat; otherwise, smart trousers and a lightweight shirt will suffice. Sunglasses are commonly accepted for use outside of the home.

If you’re attending a winter funeral, dress warmly and bring extra layers, especially if you’re attending a graveside service. Coats, jackets, scarves, and gloves in black or dark colors are permitted.

3.2. Look for neutral colors

To avoid standing out in a crowd, we recommend wearing dark or neutral colors. Darker colors reflect the solemnity of the service or visitation.

In many cases, black clothing is the best option for funerals. Whether the funeral is formal or informal, black is usually the safest choice. Other dark and somber colors, in addition to black, are generally acceptable. Grays, dark blues, browns, and similar colors fall into this category. White is also regarded as an appropriate accent color. In general, avoid bright colors such as greens, reds, pinks, yellows, etc.

3.3. Use outerwear

Outerwear is a perfect addition to complete your costume. It could be a shield to give you more confidence. Depending on the weather, you may be able to wear a simple coat or jacket. Many of these options are not only appropriate for colder, rainier clients, but they can also add a sophisticated touch to your outfit.

3.4. Wear a cardigan or vest

Outerwear also includes a cardigan or a vest. However, a cardigan is more informal than others, such as a blazer. Moreover, these are available in various styles, and it’s simple to find one that’s elegant enough for a funeral service.

These are not only more comfortable, but they also go well with a simple button-down or collared shirt. You must not go overboard with your formal attire to look conservative and appropriate for a funeral service.

3.5. Dress pants and dress shirt

As aforementioned information, there are no rules regarding funeral attire, so no one forces you to wear a suit to the funeral. Meanwhile, dark dress pants or slacks are ideal.

Pair your dress shirt with dress pants, a button-down shirt is a better choice, and you’ve got yourself a simple but formal look for a solemn funeral. Moreover, slacks should be a second choice. Your slacks carry neutral or black, and your dress shirt should be white or a complementary color. Long-sleeved shirts are usually the norm unless the funeral is held outside summer.

3.6. Wear dress shoes

Don’t let a shoe ruin your outfit if you’ve done very well your homework above. Wingtips, loafers, and oxfords are the best dress shoes. Bear in mind that they are in good condition and are clean. The best colors are black or brown.

Because a funeral is not like a birthday or year-end party, you should never wear flip-flops, sandals, or sneakers unless otherwise instructed.

3.7. Add a simple tie

If you want to build a polite and mature man, your outfit above is insufficient; instead, try a simple tie. A good tie can be a good highlight and complete your costume.

Everything in your funeral attire should be simple, including your tie. Avoid any patterns or colors that are too loud. Again, a neutral color is preferable.

3.8. Go thrift shopping

As you know, an outfit for a funeral is unlikely to be one you frequently wear, so you don’t need to pay it for full price. Thrift shopping is an excellent way to save money. Many local thrift stores have sections for dress attire, including full suits and blazers.

Have your suit professionally dry cleaned and tailored to your body shape to ensure it looks its best. These minor details are not expensive, but they make a significant difference.

3.9. Rent a suit

If you do not want to buy anything for funeral attire and do not intend to wear it more than once, renting a suit is the best option to consider. Many men prefer to rent a suit from a rental store on formal occasions. These shops specialize in one-time-wear clothing that is both high-quality and reasonably priced. Moreover, this is a cost-effective option.

3.10. Borrow a suit

If you have a sibling or family member who has a suit similar to your size, a simple solution is to borrow it from them. However, keep in mind the funeral attire requirements listed above.

4. Don’ts for funeral attire for men

Choose this moment to be a rebel: Everyone in attendance at a funeral is mourning. It is not the time to make a statement.

Underdress: While you are likely to see various fashion options, it is far better to be a little overdressed than underdressed. Take off your flip-flops!

Agonize: The most important thing is that you are present to pay tribute to your loved one. Unless your outfit is entirely out of place or completely inappropriate, no one is likely to notice what you are wearing. Stick to primary dark colors and cover-up.

Things to avoid for funeral attire for men:

  • Jeans or khakis.
  • Sneakers, athletic shoes, slides, and flip-flops.
  • Shorts.
  • Overly casual attire.
  • Graphic tees.
  • Baseball caps.
  • Embellished jackets or pants.
  • Bright colors.
  • Tank tops.

5. Nine idea to wear to a funeral men

5.1. With a suit

5.1.1. Monochrome formal outfit

Nothing is more appropriate than a monochrome suit; a necktie or a bowtie of the same color will be ideal for funerals. Please keep in mind that you should wear the same colors for all items such as a suit, a tie, and shoes.

Monochrome formal outfit

Monochrome formal outfit

5.1.2. Casual funeral outfit

Prepare a casual outfit that is not too formal but not too superficial or over-the-top. While black trousers or contrast-hued chinos are preferred, jeans are acceptable in certain circumstances, such as if the family allows it.

Casual funeral outfit

Casual funeral outfit

5.1.3. Gray wool suit

Can you think of any outfit combinations for this perfect gray ensemble? A gray suit with a black or white shirt is still appropriate. Remember to wear a necktie for a more elegant and polite appearance.

Gray wool suit

Gray wool suit

5.1.4. Classic three-piece suit

A three-piece suit is ideal for a funeral because it is versatile, humble, and discreet. Don’t forget to wear a necktie or a bowtie for a complete look. Moreover, the best color to use is black or a dark color.

5.2. Without a suit

5.2.1. White button-down and gray wool trousers

A white button-down (or black) shirt paired with a black/gray necktie and black or gray trousers is your best option here. It’s also a perfect idea to bring your sports jacket. Remember to cover your neck even if it is uncomfortable.

White button-down and gray wool trousers

White button-down and gray wool trousers

5.2.2. Sport coat, dress shirt, necktie and dress pants

Dress up your sports coat with a button-down shirt, a necktie, and dress pants. Keep your tie in a dark color and keep it subtle. If possible, your dress shirt should be solid white. Following that, adhere to the funeral suit rules for your pants. Your first choices should be black, gray, or navy. If brown or tan pants are your only option, they should be paired with a dark-colored sports coat. Wear dark and dressy shoes.

5.2.3. Sweater and dress pants

Weather permitting, a nice sweater and dress pants can be appropriate for a funeral. Maintain a dark color scheme for both pieces of clothing, and any pattern on your sweater should be subtle. A fine knit is preferable to a chunky cable sweater, but the color and design are more important than the weave.

A sweatshirt (fleece or hoodie material) should not be a choice for a funeral.

Sweater and dress pants

Sweater and dress pants

5.2.4. Button-down shirt, necktie and dress pants

Dark dress pants, a dress shirt, and a dark tie will make you become a good-looking man. Choose a long-sleeved dress shirt over a short-sleeved dress shirt and leave the sleeves unrolled. Finish your look with a pair of dark dress shoes.

5.2.5. Polo and khakis

Dark colors work best for polo shirts, and you should ideally wear a black, dark gray, or navy blue polo. Wear a tucked-in shirt, a black or brown belt, and matching dress shoes. This is the most casual outfit you should wear to a funeral. However, don’t pair your polo shirt with a tie; it will make the polo shirt appear more casual.

Polo and khakis

Polo and khakis

What to wear to a funeral men? Have you found any suitable options? Although black or dark colors are most commonly used, some cultures expect mourners to wear a color other than black or dark. Therefore, you should learn more about the culture and request the funeral attire of the family you visit. Other fashionable ideas to make you look like a fashionista on Liftyolife (liftyolife.com), don’t forget about everything we have to offer.

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