Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Which Enhancement Pill Is Better?

December 27, 2022

Don’t know what to choose between Viasil and Vigrx Plus? Here is everything you need to know about their comparison Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Which is the best enhancement pill? It’s time to say goodbye to a bad performance in your bed! Keep your eyes on track with this blog from Liftyolife to explore more details.

1. Product Introduction

1.1. Viasil

Viasil is not a libido booster but rather a vitality supplement that helps men achieve and maintain larger erections during sexual activity. Swiss Research Labs created this male potency formula. 

It’s one of the most potent all-natural erectile dysfunction pills available, so you can improve the quality of your erections and feel more at ease in bed. In short, Viasil, a natural male potency compound, is a product that claims to improve the quality of your sex life.

1.2. VigRX Plus

VigRX is a male enhancement pill designed to restore virility and enhance sexual performance. Thanks to the product’s all-natural composition, it poses no health risks to consumers. When taken as directed, VigRX can enhance your sexual life and restore your enjoyment of sexual activity.

Compared to competing products, the superiority of VigRX Plus may be largely attributed to the fact that its formula has been scientifically and clinically shown to work.

2. Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Ingredients

Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Ingredients

Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Ingredients

2.1. Common Ingredients

Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Which are the ingredients? Ginkgo Biloba and Epimedium brevicornum (horny goat weed) are two common ingredients of Viasil and VigRX Plus.

  • Ginkgo Biloba
      • Ginkgo Biloba improves nitric oxide generation and dilates blood vessels to increase penile blood flow and sexual desire.
      • Moreover, Ginkgo includes flavonoids and terpenoids, which have powerful antioxidant properties and assist blood vessels in expanding when aroused.
      • Antioxidants in this herb may lower anxiety, which can promote erectile dysfunction. 
  • Epimedium brevicornum (horny goat weed)
    • Epimedium brevicornum inhibits PDE5, which reduces blood flow. Reducing PDE5 in your system can promote circulation and nerve stimulation, improve male hormone levels, and boost sexual desire and arousal.

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2.2. Unique Ingredients

  • Viasil 
      • Tribulus terrestris boosts testosterone in men. This natural testosterone booster arouses men sexually and boosts their performance.
      • Panax ginseng root: Ginsenosides increase delayed power, attention, and sensitivity in men.
      • Citrus sinensis is another natural ATP booster for males. Regular use of this ingredient strengthens blood vessels, which aids in vasodilation.
      • Zinc increases testosterone production, eliminates free radicals, and avoids oxidative stress.
  • VigRX Plus
    • Hawthorn berries enhance penile blood vessel flexibility and surface area.
    • Saw Palmetto claims to stimulate testosterone production.
    • Ashwagandha root extract enhances sperm health and quality.
    • Ancient Muira Pauma ingredient boosts libido.
    • Catuaba Bark reduces stress.

3. Viasil vs VigRX Plus: How Does It Work?

3.1. Viasil 

Let’s analyze how two products work. Dive into the Viasil vs VigRX Plus comparison! Viasil can produce results after only a few days of use. By aiding in synthesizing Nitric Oxide, Viasil increases your stamina by stimulating the body’s mitochondria and ATP.

With Viasil, the quality of your erections will never decrease. It also enhances the energy-generating synergy between ADP and ATP.

Moreover, Viasil improves both the quantity and quality of blood flow, boosting oxygen delivery. More blood is pumped to your organs, muscles, and, most significantly, your penis due to taking Viasil. In addition, it eliminates the difficulties that erectile-dysfunctioning males previously experienced.


3.2. VigRX Plus

The corpora cavernosa chambers in your penis will receive more blood thanks to VigRX Plus. A larger and more powerful erection can be achieved by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Less blood is getting to your penis, which is why you’re having trouble with erections. This is the precise reason why your penis has stopped growing.

A single tried-and-true drug called VigRX Plus treats both of these issues simultaneously with no side effects. This male enhancement medication will also increase your libido and desire to engage in sexual activity.

4. Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Price

Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Price

Viasil vs VigRX Plus: Price

4.1. Viasil 

Viasil costs $59.99 for a one-month supply. The price, however, has been reduced and is now accessible to you. When you spend more, you save more. Here are four different sets for your perusal:

  • Bundle 1: Savings $20
      • 1 month supplier: $79.99 $59.99 + shipping $7.95.
  • Bundle 2: Savings $119.98
      • 2 months supplier + 1 month free: $239.97 $119.99 ($39.99 for each) + Fast & Free shipping.
  • Bundle 3: Savings $219.96
      • 3 months supply + 2 months free: $399.95 $179.99 ($35.99 for each) + Fast & Free shipping.
  • Bundle 4: Savings $239.90
    • 8 months supply + 4 months free: $599.89 $359.99 ($29.99 for each) + Fast & Free shipping.

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4.2. VigRX Plus

Five pricing plans are available. Buying in bulk is cheaper than buying one or two months’ worth. Check out five bundles here: 

  • $69 for a one-month supply
  • $129 for a two-month supply
  • $179 for a three-month supply (with free global shipping).
  • $329 for a 6-month supply (includes free global shipping, one VigRX gift card, and one Natural Health Source gift card).
  • $589 for a 12-month supply (+free global shipping, one VigRX gift card, and one Natural Health Source gift card).

It’s difficult to pick a winner between Viasil and VigRX Plus. But take a deeper look at it; Viasil definitely beats VigRX Plus in terms of both time efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Viasil vs VigRX Plus: What should I choose? In terms of quality and security, both are top picks, but when comparing the time of effectiveness and price, Viasil is the clear winner. Viasil is the best option if you’re looking for a safe, effective, and cost-friendly way to improve male sexual performance. Liftyolife hopes you make a wise decision after reading our blog.

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