TestRX vs Prime Male: Best Testosterone Booster In 2022?

December 23, 2022

What’s better, TestRX vs Prime Male? You can find the solution on this blog from Liftyolife. Now is the time to use one of them to gain muscle and improve your sexual performance.

1. Overview of TestRX vs Prime Male

1.1. TestRX 

TestRX is a 100% natural testosterone enhancer made from a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It improves a man’s sex life in addition to helping him to lose weight, have more energy, grow muscles more quickly, and boost his libido. While this product does not include testosterone, it can help your body produce more on its own.

1.2. Prime Male

Prime Male is a 100% natural testosterone enhancer. Men older than 30 are the intended consumers of this product. It provides many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help your body produce more testosterone naturally. Prime Male is effective in boosting testosterone levels. You can expect this to improve your energy levels, libido, muscular mass, and blood sugar regulation.

2. TestRX vs Prime Male: Ingredients

TestRX vs Prime Male: Ingredients

TestRX vs Prime Male: Ingredients

2.1. TestRX 

TestRx consists of the following ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid balances hormones and boosts testosterone.
  • Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA) boosts protein absorption and testosterone synthesis.
  • Magnesium boosts stamina and strength. It also boosts testosterone. Bodybuilders and sportsmen take magnesium supplements to heal faster and sustain energy.
  • Vitamin K2 – Increasing testosterone levels doesn’t always affect your thoughts and physique. The body can’t retain the hormone. That is why vitamin K2 comes in this product. It stabilizes hormones, decreases bone loss, and ensures cardiovascular health.
  • Fenugreek seeds lower sugar and balance hormones. It promotes digestion and metabolism.
  • Vitamin B6: Men need it to produce androgen that boosts testosterone production.
  • Zinc dilutes fat and boosts stamina. Improved hormone levels boost energy.
  • Vitamin D3 prevents testosterone from depleting. 

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2.2. Prime Male

Comparing TestRX vs Prime Male ingredients as below. Here is the list of what Prime Male contains:

  • Korean Red Ginseng has been used to treat erectile dysfunction and exhaustion for ages. This antioxidant herb promotes immunity.
  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) is a neurotransmitter. It causes the Leydig cells to create testosterone by releasing the luteinizing hormone.
  • Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract, or velvet bean, is a natural source of L-dopa, a dopamine-making ingredient. Dopamine boosts testosterone.
  • Black pepper seeds contain Bioperine. It helps your body absorb nutrients.
  • Boron promotes bone formation, coordination, muscle mass, and testosterone production.

3. TestRX vs Prime Male: The Pros And Cons

3.1. TestRX

Here are some pros and cons of TestRX:

Pros Cons
  • TestRX raises testosterone gradually and safely.
  • This is one of the best testosterone-boosting supplements on the market.
  • The products are well-packaged and 100% guaranteed.
  • This supplement is cheap, plus you get a bulk discount.
  • Natural substances mean no adverse effects. All of the components boost the body’s energy levels.
  • It’s exclusively on their official website.

3.2. Prime Male

Here are some pros and cons of Prime Male:

Pros Cons
  • Prime Male boosts libido without any negative effects.
  • It reduces fat.
  • Enhances cognition.
  • Improves mental health and mood.
  • This supplement improves health and muscular mass.
  • Stamina and energy are boosted.
  • Controls blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Healthier prostate and skin.
  • Costly.
  • Results vary. Diet, metabolism, and activity affect its result.
  • It’s not vegetarian-friendly.
  • Not all orders ship free.

4. TestRX vs Prime Male: Side Effects

What is the TestRX vs Prime Male side effects comparison? Prime Male and Testrx are both generally safe and well tolerated by users. However, the side effects vary based on the individual. To avoid potential adverse effects, knowing the maximum safe dosage of each ingredient is important in case you take multiple supplements.

5. How To Take For Best Results?

5.1. TestRX

Take two capsules daily, as directed by the manufacturer. Each supplement bottle, which is meant to last for 30 days, has 60 capsules.


5.2. Prime Male

The recommended daily dosage is 4 capsules, to be taken ideally with food. Continued pill taking is required for optimum effectiveness.

6. TestRX vs Prime Male : The Price

6.1. TestRX

One month supply of TestRx costs $69.99. However, TestRX has 4 options of packages. Each comes with a different price. The more you buy, the cheaper you have. Check out 4 bundles below:

Bundle 1: Everyday Value

1-month supply

Purchase for $69.99.
Bundle 2: Good Value

3-month supply

Purchase for $199.99 ($66.66 for each bottle).
Bundle 3: Better Value

6-month supply

Purchase for $389.99 ($64.99 for each bottle) + FREE US shipping.
Bundle 4: Best Value

12-month supply

Purchase for $747.00 ($62.25 for each bottle) + FREE US shipping.

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TestRX Price

TestRX Price

6.2. Prime Male

 A one-month supply of Prime Male is priced at $69. In fact, Prime Male does not have as many package options as TestRX. You can only get a lower price if you buy a 4-month supply or more. While TestRX offers a better price for buyers when they just buy a 3-month supply. 

TestRx vs Prime Male: Who wins? If you are looking for a cost-effective and vegan-friendly testosterone enhancer, TestRX is the best option. Moreover, TestRX’s effectiveness also remains more likely constant across different users.

Liftyolife hopes this blog about the TestRX vs Prime Male comparison can help you make a wise decision suitable for your needs and budget. Overall, we think TestRX is the best option. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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