TestoGen Vs TestRX in 2022: Which Is Better?

December 23, 2022

Testosterone is an extremely important hormone for men, especially those in their middle age who want to become more virile. That’s why they look for the best supplements to boost this natural hormone. This blog, therefore, will give you a clear comparison based on TestoGen vs TestRx — the two leading t-level supplements on the market right now. Let’s dive into it with Liftyolife.

1. Overview of TestoGen vs TestRx

1.1. TestRX

TestRX is an all-natural supplement that helps with promoting testosterone growth in the body to drive male sexual performance and build robust muscles. Its formula is based on only organic compounds that are claimed to be safe for both males and females.

TestRX is available in the form of capsules contained in boxes for sale. More importantly, it’s pretty famous in the bodybuilding community for positive, advantageous effects in the long run. 

1.2. TestoGen

TestoGen is also a supplement to boost muscular development and helps with flourishing libido by increasing t-levels in males. Bodybuilders and professional athletes go for this supplement because they crave lean muscle mass and a sculpted body.

Like TestRX, it naturally kickstarts excellent production of testosterone in the body. This product also comes in the form of capsules.

2. TestoGen Vs TestRX: Ingredients

When it comes to the effectiveness of supplements, ingredients never lie. Below, we take into consideration both similar and unique components of the two testosterone boosters. Let’s have a clear insight into each supplement’s ability to convert desired results.

TestoGen Vs TestRX: Ingredients

TestoGen Vs TestRX: Ingredients

2.1. Common Ingredients

The common ingredients that TestoGen and TestRX share are all essential substances to make a worthy testosterone booster. Below, we’re breaking down each ingredient to see how these supplements actually work.

  • Vitamin B6: A lack of Vitamin B6 can cause lower testosterone in your body. It’s also vital for the development of your brain health and immunity.
  • Vitamin D3: Bodybuilders in the workout will definitely need this vitamin. It helps excellently with strengthening your bones and ammonia.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: Pay attention to this ingredient in any supplement you take if you want to have your sex drive improved.
  • Zinc: This is also an important component that makes T-boosters worthy of elevating libido. 
  • D-Aspartic Acid: It’s the key component that boosts testosterone hard in a male body. Studies show that it can also enhance the number of sperms, muscle mass, and interest in intimacy. 
  • Magnesium: This ingredient must promote your productive sleep which generates muscle mass and a healthy immune system. 

2.2. Unique Ingredients

  • TestRX

The only ingredient TestRX has but TestoGen does not have is Vitamin K2 (MK4). It’s important in promoting bone metabolism and brain function. This component also contributes to regulating heart vessels to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Thanks to Vitamin K2, bodybuilders and athletes develop more well-performed endurance during workouts and sexual activity.

  • TestoGen

The ingredients that set TestoGen apart from TestRX are various. Although these are all components that make TestoGen sought-after for years, the product performs just the same effects as TestRX does.

  • Vitamin K1: This ingredient helps your body digest vitamin D well and regulate calcium levels in the blood. As a result, it enhances testosterone levels as well.
  • Boron: This ingredient will decrease the level of estrogen to leave more room for free testosterone in your body. 
  • Red Ginseng Extract: It’s responsible for improving erectile function in males and sexual performance.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract: This ingredient has been used for many decades for muscle treatment, arthritis, and anemia.
  • BioPerine: It plays a key role in boosting t-levels in males by enhancing the ‘bioavailability’.

3. TestRX vs TestoGen: The Pros And Cons

TestoGen vs TestRX – which will be the right choice? Now dive into the pros and cons to know what’s in it for you.

3.1. TestRX


  • Boosts testosterone naturally and safely;
  • Improves sex drive and can get your libido back in a short time;
  • Participates in the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production;
  • Boosts the bodybuilding process for lean muscle mass and robust strength;
  • Only natural ingredients combined with transparent component amounts;
  • Promotes fat-burning overall health for both men and women;
  • Results are expected to appear in just two months.


  • Not available for offline purchases;
  • Not FDA approved.

3.2. TestoGen


  • The all-natural formula which indicates almost no side effects; 
  • Fat-burning solution for those who are seeking weight loss and ripped muscles;
  • Enhances interest in intimacy;
  • Develops overall health thanks to a comprehensive group of ingredients.


  • You won’t see instant results with this product;
  • Not available for offline purchases;
  • Quite expensive as compared to its alternatives on the market;
  • Not FDA approved.

4. TestoGen Vs TestRX: Side Effects

4.1. TestRX

There have been no reports on side effects from using TestRX to date. That makes sense because this supplement is derived from only natural sources and experiences rigorous clinical trials.

However, you may confront unwanted effects if you ignore healthy diets and a positive lifestyle. Those two factors are vital for effective supplementation without any bad negative effects caused.

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4.2. TestoGen

In general, TestoGen is an effective t-booster on the market without harming your body. However, due to its comprehensive formula of various ingredients, you may want to consider a few of these scenarios regarding its side effects. Please note that the side effects may occur or not — depending on different consumers.

  • Extra use of the Ginseng extract may cause sleep deprivation and poor appetite.
  • Higher amounts of Boron can cause poisoning and male fertility problems.

5. TestRX vs TestoGen: The Price

5.1. TestRX

One TestRX pack of 120 capsules is priced at just $69.99. This is the price for a 1-month supply, but there are budget-friendly packages as follows:

  • For a 12-month supply: $747.00 per 12 packs + Free USA shipping
  • For a 6-month supply: $389.99 per 6 packs + Free USA shipping
  • For a 3-month supply: $199.99 per 3 packs

The best deal that you can get from a TestTX purchase is the 12-month supply. Yes. You’ll save precisely $92.88 with no shipping costs for orders in the USA.

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TestRX Price

TestRX Price

5.2. TestoGen

The price of TestoGen is $89.99 for a 1-month supply, much more expensive than TestRX. Its packages include:

  • For a 5-month supply: $284.96 per 5 packs
  • For a 3-month supply: $189.97 per 3 packs

Overall, TestoGen vs TestRX — which is better? Both testosterone boosters are known to have a positive effect on the body, but TestRX seems to be the best option. That’s because TestRX is much cheaper than TestoGen while also excluding no chance of creating side effects. 

To sum up, your choice of T-boosters will depend on your budget and your need for the unique components in each. The showdown based on TestoGen vs TestRX is tough, but whatever your choice, either supplement will bring you great effects on the body and make you feel younger. Liftyolife hopes this article is helpful!

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