Snow Teeth Whitening vs GLO Teeth Whitening: Which Is Better?

December 20, 2022

Are you trying to figure out what tooth-whitening option will work best for you? Liftyolife ( offers two considerable brands: Snow Teeth Whitening vs GLO Teeth Whitening. This article will help you make a well-informed decision by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each.

1. Overview of Snow Teeth Whitening & GLO Teeth Whitening

1.1. Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow Teeth Whitening is a home teeth-whitening kit. It cleans coffee, wine, tea, cigarettes, and other stains on your teeth.

The Snow whitening set includes 3 whitening wands, 1 extra-strength wand, an LED mouthpiece, and a shade guide. Silver Wand whitens up to 8 shades, and the Gold Wand whitens up to 12 shades in as little as 9 minutes every day for 21 days.

Some unique points that make Snow Teeth Whitening distinctive:

  • Snow includes no toxic ingredients and is suitable for all tooth types, making it good for sensitive teeth.
  • Part of Snow’s proceeds benefit youngsters in need of dental care.
  • No animal testing is ever done on snow-whitening products.

1.2. GLO Teeth Whitening

The GLO Teeth Whitening is a teeth whitening device that uses a combination of light and heat to activate a specially made hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten and brighten your smile without sensitivity. The GLO Science LED teeth whitening system has won multiple awards, been patented, and been given the green light by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

You can choose between the GLO Brilliant and the GLO Lit at-home whitening kits. They provide dentists with teeth whitening kits and other oral health supplies.

GLO Teeth Whitening

GLO Teeth Whitening

2. Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO Teeth Whitening: The Ingredients

2.1. Snow Teeth Whitening

When comparing Snow Teeth Whitening vs GLO Teeth Whitening, the ingredients are the first factor we cannot overlook. The Snow Teeth Whitening chemicals include:

  • Peppermint oil lowers plaque and promotes dental health. It also rinses to treat bad breath and mouth odor.
  • Hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth and removes minor stains. It’s safe in the dentist’s office and for home teeth-whitening products.
  • Sodium bicarbonate reduces bad breath. Moreover, it decreases odor and acidity.
  • Potassium nitrate reduces dental pain. It lowers hot, cold, sweet, or sticky meal sensitivity.
  • Like hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide eliminates stains.
  • Carbomer thickens whitening gels. This increases teeth whitening over time.
  • Deionized water treated with non-thermal plasma can bleach teeth.

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2.2. GLO Teeth Whitening

GLO Teeth Whitening has some ingredients as below:

  • Distilled water drinkers need extra vitamins to prevent cavities and tooth decay.
  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG) modification reduces bacterial buildup in dental treatment.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (6%) whitens teeth. It’s in the dentist-office and home teeth-whitening products. Hydrogen peroxide removes minor stains.
  • Potassium nitrate blocks dental pain from reaching the brain. It reduces dental sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, or sticky meals.
  • Edetate disodium softens and decalcifies tissues. It facilitates mechanical root canal preparation and smear layer removal, which opens dentin tubules.
  • Sodium saccharin: This sweetener makes toothpaste more pleasant. It has no dental health benefits. Therefore, it simply improves the toothpaste flavor.
  • Sodium fluoride paste prevents tooth decay. It reduces tooth sensitivity.
  • Sodium hydroxide increases pH levels and is good for teeth whitening. It reduces plaque-forming bacteria growth in your mouth.

3. GLO Vs Snow Teeth Whitening: How Does It Work?

3.1. Snow Teeth Whitening

The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit includes:

  • A light-emitting diode (LED) mouthpiece.
  • A mouthpiece cover.
  • A shade guide.
  • Four twist-off tubes of whitening solution (three regular strength, one maximum strength).

Snow utilizes LED light activation technology, a tried and true method of speeding up the whitening process. It produces results in as little as nine to thirty minutes per day, every day for twenty-one to thirty days. Everything from coffee and wine to smoke and tea can be removed.


3.2. GLO

Both GLO Brilliant and GLO Lit employ the same chemicals.

  • GLO-Mouthpiece (with blue light LED, heat, and an automatic 8-minute timer).
  • GLO Vial (contains the whitening serum and an easy-to-use brush applicator).
  • GLO Lip Care (pre-application to prevent dry lips and gums).

The LED light in GLO Teeth Whitening kicks off the whitening agent’s chemical reaction. During this reaction, the blue LED light can penetrate the enamel and eliminate stains.

4. Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO: How To Use It?

Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO: How To Use It?

Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO: How To Use It?

4.1. Snow Teeth Whitening

Follow these instructions to use the Snow Teeth Whitening in the right way:

  • Step 1: Use the provided brush to apply the whitening liquid to your teeth.
  • Step 2: Just pop the mouthpiece in your mouth and switch it on.
  • Step 3: Allow it to steep for 9-30 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse your mouth and the Snow mouthpiece with warm water after the whitening time is finished.

4.2. GLO Teeth Whitening

How about GLO Teeth Whitening? Let’s dive into the Snow Teeth Whitening vs GLO Teeth Whitening comparison of how to use it. Steps to using the GLO Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • Step 1: Apply GLO Lip Care on both lips. If you have sensitive teeth, use it on your lips and gums.
  • Step 2: Brush on GLO Vial whitening gel. On the brush tip applicator, put a little bead of gel (1/2 pea-size).
  • Step 3: Apply gel to the top and bottom teeth (fronts only).
  • Step 4: Plug in the mouthpiece and press GLO on the remote. This makes the device light up blue, indicating success.
  • Step 5: Relax your jaw. There’s no need to bite down hard or avoid swallowing. Gel sticks to your teeth, so you won’t swallow it.
  • Step 6: After 8 minutes, the mouthpiece blinks and shuts off.
  • Step 7: Remove the mouthpiece and reapply the whitening gel. Put the light back in your mouth for eight minutes.
  • Step 8: Four times a day for five days, repeat this (or up to 10 days).

5. GLO Vs Snow Teeth Whitening: The Pros And Cons

5.1. Snow Teeth Whitening

Check out the pros and cons of Snow Teeth Whitening:

Pros Cons
  • User-friendly.
  • Teeth-friendly.
  • Extremely efficient.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Money-back guarantee if unhappy.
  • Effective on even the most stubborn stains.
  • Savings on expert treatments.
  • Safe for all teeth.
  • 5 years of warranty.
  • Support and guidelines are available online.
  • No pain for sensitive teeth.
  • Braces or crowns users can utilize it.
  • Fast, pro results.
  • This whitening product is more pricey.
  • For lasting results, use kit longer.
  • The product may ship slowly.


5.2. GLO Teeth Whitening

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of GLO Teeth Whitening:

  • Pros:
      • GLO Brilliant quickly, efficiently, and painlessly whitens teeth. 
      • The mouthpiece is pleasant and stays put when whitening.
      • The timer and lanyard help you multitask. 
      • The serum is easy to apply and stays on the teeth. 
      • GLO minimizes sensitivity (if any). 
      • The serum’s mint flavor isn’t overly overwhelming.
  • Cons:
    • Reapplying gel every 8 minutes is messy. 
    • LED lights might dry up your lips.
    • Before each application, apply GLO Lip Care to protect your lips from the serum.

6. Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO: The Price

Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO: The Price

Snow Teeth Whitening Vs GLO: The Price

6.1. Snow Teeth Whitening

The Snow Teeth Whitening Original Kit provides 75+ treatments for $149. This means that the cost per whitening treatment is less than 2 dollars. Additionally, many great Black Friday instant deals are available to you.

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6.2. GLO Teeth Whitening

The normal retail price for GLO Brilliant is $199. Afterpay provides additional payment flexibility. Four payments of $49.75 each, with no interest charged, will be included.

It’s tough to find out the winner of this battle: Snow Teeth Whitening vs GLO Teeth Whitening. Though both share many similarities, the Snow Teeth Whitening beats the GLO Teeth Whitening because of its simplicity, efficiency, and time-and-cost-intensiveness.

Have you found the right answer after the Snow Teeth Whitening vs GLO Teeth Whitening comparison from Liftyolife ( We believe that Snow Teeth Whitening is second to none and is definitely worth buying when it comes to teeth whitening.

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