6 Signs Of Heart Attack A Month Before It Happens

December 16, 2022
Heart disease

Do you know that in every 40 seconds, someone has a heart attack in the United States? About 805,000 people experience a heart attack each year, including 605,000 are first heart attacks, 200,000 occur to people who have already had a heart attack. In these cases, about 1 in 5 heart attacks is silent – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (1). Heart attack can have a severe impact on your health such as fatal and life-changing. Notice 6 signs of heart attack a month before that Liftyolife (liftyolife.com) show in this article to protect you and your loved ones.

1. How far in advance is a heart attack?

It is different in person and in the types of heart attack that you experience. For some people, heart attack symptoms can occur a month before, but sometimes it just happens a couple of hours earlier.

If the symptoms of a heart attack happen early, you may have a better chance to complete recovery.

2. What are 6 signs of a heart attack a month before?

It depends on various factors, including what type of heart attack you experience, whether you are a man or woman, and your age. Pay attention to your body. When you experience any warning signs of a heart attack, you should consult with your doctor right away for prompt treatment.

Here are 6 signs of a heart attack a month before it happens:

2.1. Chest pain or discomfort

Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the left or mid-chest area, such as sudden sharp feeling or feeling like being pressed by a heavy object. The pain in the chest usually lasts a few minutes, then goes away and comes back again.

Please notice that not everyone has typical chest pain. The pain can be mild and transient, so it can be ignored or confused with other symptoms such as bloating, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease. In some cases, you may not feel any chest pain at all, especially in people with diabetes. So when you want to determine whether a person has a heart attack or not, it is essential to combine symptoms, not just based on the degree of chest pain.

Chest pain or discomfort

Chest pain or discomfort

2.2. Shortness of breath

The following warning sign in 6 signs of a heart attack a month before is shortness of breath. When your heart can not pump blood well, you may feel breathlessness. This symptom is frequently associated with chest discomfort, but it can also occur before chest discomfort.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath

2.3. Feeling weak, light-headed, or fainting

Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness. Sometimes fainting indicates a dangerous, even life-threatening condition. Thus when fainting occurs, it is essential to help this person regain consciousness. After that, it is necessary to find out the cause of fainting. Causes of syncope (fainting) can be classified into four main categories: neurological, metabolic, vasomotor, and cardiac. Of these, only cardiac syncope is a severe threat that can cause sudden death.

Feeling weak, light-headed, or fainting

Feeling weak, light-headed, or fainting

2.4. Heart palpitations

Palpitations are an irregular heartbeat and are also a fairly common symptom of a heart attack. Most patients describe palpitations as irregular heartbeats (nearly a pause in the heart, often followed by a powerful beat) or unusually fast, slow heartbeats.

Heart palpitations

Heart palpitations

Thus, arrhythmia, or abnormal heart rhythm, is the cause of the patient’s palpitations. There are many types of arrhythmias that patients can experience, and nearly all of them tend to make the heart beat faster. Some cases of palpitations are when the heart suddenly beats very fast (such as atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia) and requires immediate medical attention.

2.5. Fatigue

Some women said that “I thought I had the flu” when they experienced this heart attack symptom – fatigue, according to the American Heart Association (2). Fatigue is more common in women than men and can occur a couple of months before a heart attack. If you frequently feel tired or exhausted for no apparent reason, this could indicate that something is wrong. In this case, you can consult with your doctor to see if it is a heart attack or not.



2.6. Excessive sweating

Unusual sweating is also an early symptom of a heart attack and can occur both day and night, especially in women. But women often confuse this sign with an effect of menopause.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating

3. How to prevent a heart attack?

Make sure that you take all the medications prescribed that the doctor told you if you already had a heart attack. In addition, we recommend some following tips that you can do to prevent a heart attack.

3.1. Schedule the regular health checkups

The most common cause of a heart attack is coronary artery disease (CAD). But how do you know whether you have CAD or not? Do regular health checkups to check your cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure to know your current health status.

3.2. Follow a healthy diet

Eating more fish, vegetables, and fruit to enhance your health. The antioxidant found in vegetables can promote cardiovascular health. In addition, omega-3 in fish can reduce the risk of a heart attack because it lowers blood pressure and triglycerides.

Limiting some foods high in saturated fats. Try to reduce the amount of this fat found in some products such as butter, milk, meat, etc in your daily diet. Saturated fats are the cause of increased bad cholesterol (a substance that increases plaque on the blood vessel wall) and lower good cholesterol (a substance capable of reducing plaque in blood vessels).

3.3. Use dietary supplements

Cardio Clear 7 is a dietary supplement that could be used to create clear pathways for blood to flow via the arteries, keeping your blood pressure within a safe range. You can think about other supplements as long as it’s good for your health.

Get Cardio Clear 7

However, make sure that you consult with your doctor before buying or using any dietary supplements.

3.4. Stop smoking

Smoking leads to a 2-4 times higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. At the same time, smoking also narrows the arteries, increases blood pressure, making it more likely to clot, which is also the cause of heart attacks.

Now, Liftyolife (liftyolife.com) believes that you can already know about 6 signs of heart attack a month before. If you have a concern about whether you have a heart attack or not, please talk to your doctor. Even if you’re wrong, don’t worry; it doesn’t matter. You are the person who knows the best about your body. Don’t wait until the symptoms become severe. Moreover, living healthy has better health and reduces the risk of getting a heart attack.

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