Relief Factor Vs Instaflex: Which Works Better?

December 19, 2022

Taking joint supplements is one of the ways to help people get rid of arthritis. But not many with joint pain have found their favorite products. This blog therefore compares Relief Factor vs Instaflex — the two supplements that work for pain relief but aren’t really at the same levels. Let’s have a detailed look with Liftyolife now.

1. Relief Factor Vs Instaflex: Overview

1.1. Relief Factor

Relief Factor

Relief Factor

Relief Factor is a botanical fish oil supplement that relieves joint pain and prevents it from inflammation. This product comes in a bag of 60 smaller packets with 4 capsules in each. Its formula is all-natural and clinically tested to bring excellent effects in reducing joint stiffness and aches.

The manufacturer claims users will find ease of mobility and discomfort free after three weeks of use. Besides, the supplement has received many positive reviews from its worldwide users.

1.2. Instaflex



Instaflex is a joint supplement that can help with joint problems like chronic pain, sharp pain, lack of flexibility, and arthritis. A bottle of Instaflex contains 90 capsules.

Although its ingredients do not make the Instaflex formula the worst, some of them may be ineffective for some people who are new to it. This product, on the other hand, has received positive feedback from users.

Now get straight to their pros and cons.

2. Instaflex Vs Relief Factor: The Pros And Cons

2.1. Relief Factor

Here are the pros and cons of Relief Factor:

Pros Cons
  • Alleviates all joint-related problems;
  • Contains all-natural ingredients reasonably modified in amounts to cause no side effects;
  • Supports overall health;
  • Has got various good feedback from its consumers;
  • Clinically tested and backed by experts;
  • Delivers results in just three weeks, claimed by its own manufacturer;
  • How this product is packed is highly convenient to use;
  • Comes with a three-week trial so that you won’t waste much money without actually trying it.
  • Some people may find it cumbersome to take four capsules per dose;
  • Only available for sale on its official website here;
  • Subscriptions won’t be automatically stopped.

2.2. Instaflex

Here are the pros and cons of Instaflex:

Pros Cons
  • Verified by ConsumerLab, proving the quality of its formulation;
  • Organic ingredients;
  • Backed by many health experts;
  • Claimed to deliver results in just seven days.
  • Quite expensive as compared to other joint supplements;
  • May react with different anti-inflammatory meds;
  • Only available online.

Relief Factor vs Instaflex – which is better? It might still be soon to conclude. However, from its pros and cons, we can see that Instaflex is less impressive than Relief Factor.


Now, dive into their side effects.

3. Relief Factor Vs Instaflex: Potential Side Effects

Relief Factor Vs Instaflex: Potential Side Effects

Relief Factor Vs Instaflex: Potential Side Effects

3.1. Relief Factor

Although there have been no reports of side effects from this supplement, experts have provided some warning signs to users. Some potential side effects, such as persistent watery eyes and drowsiness, may appear during the first few weeks of use.

However, users claim that taking capsules with plenty of water and meals reduces the severity of the side effects. They are not life-threatening anyway. They are simply signs that your body is adjusting to a new stimulus.

3.2. Instaflex

Instaflex’s ingredients show that it has almost no side effects. If possible, the side effects will remain the same as with Relief Factor.

Instaflex, on the other hand, contains an inactive ingredient that may result in minor side effects. It’s a synthetic blue dye that has been linked to hypersensitivity reactions in studies.

Let’s have a look at both supplements’ ingredients.

4. Relief Factor Vs Instaflex: The Composition

4.1. Relief Factor

The main ingredients in Relief Factor include:

  • Icariin: It promotes nitric oxide production and promotes tissue health. Scientists have also shown its positive support in promoting blood circulation and restoring bleeding parts in the body.
  • Turmeric: This ingredient is a herb that has been used for centuries to improve metabolism and bioavailability. It also helps to maintain the balance of enzymes in the digestive system. Turmeric has even been shown in some studies to help with self-healing during inflammation.
  • Omega-3: This is the main ingredient of Relief Factor because it directly relieves joint pain and promotes joint flexibility. According to the Global Journal of Health Science, omega-3 helps decrease cartilage-degrading enzymes and pro-inflammatory cytokines, which protects healthy joints.
  • Resveratrol: This neutralizing agent promotes blood vessels to function naturally. Healthy blood vessel flow reduces biological stressors, e.g., joint stiffness.

In short, Relief Factor has a comprehensive arthritis treatment formula. All of the ingredients are organic and appear to be safe for consumption. Most importantly, all their functions aim to relieve joint pain and inflammation naturally.


4.2. Instaflex

The ingredients in Instaflex are:

  • Turmeric: This ingredient plays a vital role in the formulation of Instaflex for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It’s an essential active ingredient of synovial fluid. Research shows its unparalleled effectiveness in regards to treating knee pain and bursitis.
  • Boswellia Serrata: This ingredient significantly aids in treating rheumatoid arthritis in various ways.

The formula of Instaflex is straightforward and promising to cure joint pain. But with a lack of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the supplement may come in doubt of ineffectiveness.

5. Instaflex Vs Relief Factor: How To Take?

Instaflex Vs Relief Factor: How To Take?

Instaflex Vs Relief Factor: How To Take?

5.1. Relief Factor

This supplement is packaged in a bag of 60 packets, each containing four capsules. For the best results, the manufacturer suggests taking 4 packets per day. You can, however, adjust the dosage based on how painful your joints are.

Morning, noon, and evening are the best times to take the capsules. If you are currently taking 4 doses daily, you can take 2 doses with a meal at noon. In the morning and evening, you only need to take one dose at a time.

5.2. Instaflex

For Instaflex, you only need to take one capsule daily for arthritis relief, as recommended by the maker. However, as a supplement, it will be fine to take three capsules with water and meals daily for desired results.

6. Instaflex Vs Relief Factor: How Much Does It Cost?

6.1. Relief Factor

The price for Relief Factor is $93.95/bag/one-month supply plus free shipping.

Besides, there are exciting offers as follows:

  • Three-Week Quickstart ($19.95 + Free Shipping) includes:
    • 49 packets of Relief Factor,
    • The convenient three-week trial,
    • 147-page anti-inflammation diet guide.
  • Monthly Subscription ($79.95 + Free Shipping) includes:
    • 60 packets of Relief Factor,
    • Convenient monthly shipments,
    • Free gift each month.

Avail the 20% saving from the monthly subscription today. Otherwise, get a trial for three weeks with the Quickstart offer. Either deal is super beneficial for you. Grab them now!


6.2. Instaflex

Instaflex is priced at $69.99/bottle for a 30-day supply. This price is quite lower than that of Relief Factor.

However, Relief Factor comes in more exciting deals that encourage users to try its supplement for the first time via a trial program. Additionally, Instaflex doesn’t seem to offer a monthly subscription that supports its customer’s budget savings.

So, Relief Factor vs Instaflex – which is the better option for joint relief (and for your economic benefits)? We would say that Relief Factor has more to win Instaflex in this “battle.”

7. Instaflex Vs Relief Factor: Conclusion

This comparison has come down with a clear answer for the question: Relief Factor vs Instaflex – which works better? All in all, joint supplements are mostly all-natural and work to some extent, depending on their ingredients and value. For both supplements in this post, we cannot deny the efficiency of both. But honestly, Relief Factor makes a better deal for those looking for something that works effectively at a favorable price. Liftyolife hopes this article has been helpful!

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