Prostate 911 vs Prostagenix: Which Prostate Health Supplements Is Better?

December 16, 2022

Many men are concerned about prostate health; however, the process of finding the best prostate supplement can be challenging. In this blog article, Liftyolife compare two of the most popular brands: Prostate 911 vs Prostagenix, to find out which one offers the best health value.

1. Overview of Prostate 911 & Prostagenix

1.1. Prostate 911 

PhytAge Labs manufacture prostate 911. Its formula includes natural ingredients that increase cellular health and testosterone levels, controlling symptoms of BPH. The producer claims that each tablet is in specific clinical dosages and is scientifically proven to increase men’s health. 

Prostate 911 is created to help older males take control of their penile health. It’s a very convenient supplement that makes sure consumers get sufficient nutrients to nourish cells and increase prostate health. The daily formula has no risk of developing any side effects.

1.2. Prostagenix

ProstaGenix claims to be the first prostate supplement with over 1,000 mg of mixed sterols to help prostate health. Some intriguing statements about how this supplement can fix prostate complaints, such as sexual performance and difficulty urinating.

2. Prostate 911 Vs Prostagenix: Ingredients

Prostate 911 Vs Prostagenix: Ingredients

Prostate 911 Vs Prostagenix: Ingredients

2.1. Prostate 911

Here are the ingredients of Prostate 911, including:


  • Vitamins, including vitamin B6 and E, can protect the urinary system from infections and minimize prostate swelling.
  • Saw Palmetto: This ingredient effectively boosts testosterone levels; thus, enhancing the sexual life of consumers. Moreover, researchers indicate that this fixing can prevent urinary tract infections because it contains a lot of antioxidants.
  • Broccoli leaf: This ingredient attacks cancerous cells because it is high in powerful antioxidants. Additionally, the broccoli leaf extract can shrink benign prostate swellings; therefore, lowering BPH symptoms and assisting a healthy urinary tract.
  • Stinging nettle is an occurring organic plant mainly used as a vegetable. Ancient scholars used it to enhance men’s reproductive health. Scholars claim that this ingredient includes prostate-lowering elements, which can control BPH symptoms. A blend of stinging nettle and saw palmetto can increase your sexual functions.
  • Minerals (copper, selenium, and zinc): These minerals can boost reproductive health and shrink an enlarged prostate. These tract elements calm the penile fiber muscles leading to urethral channel augmentation, aiding the urine flow better.
  • Other ingredients consist of Graviola leaf, green tea leaf, tomato fruit powder, bark, mushrooms (maitake reishi and shiitake)., red raspberry powder, and cat’s claw.

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2.2. Prostagenix

Here are the ingredients of Prostagenix, as follows:

  • BetaRexin Proprietary: This ingredient is discovered in plants and is generally used to reduce cholesterol and better symptoms of an enlarged prostate. BetaRexin proprietary works by preventing how much cholesterol can go through your body and bind to the prostate to diminish inflammation. 
  • Vitamin D3: The amount of vitamin D3 supplied in the ProstaGenix supplement meets 100% of the RDA without exceeding it.
  • Zinc is known as a micronutrient that plays a role in normal immune function.
  • Selenium: ProstaGenix offers 100% of the RDA for selenium without going overboard; however, consumers should avoid using additional selenium-including supplements like a multivitamin.
  • Iodine is an essential ingredient for general health.
  • Target Polyphenol: This ingredient includes quercetin, grapeseed extract, and pomegranate seed extract, which have antioxidants and provide anti-cancer benefits.
  • Other ingredients include chromium, molybdenum, manganese, and copper.

3. Prostagenix Vs Prostate 911: The Pros And Cons

3.1. Prostate 911

The pros of Prostate 911:

  • It is the best supplement for ED and BPH symptoms.
  • This supplement can shrink the size of men’s prostate by 53%.
  • Prostate 911 provides 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • It includes the best natural components.
  • Its nature-derived ingredients are without side effects.
  • This supplement comes in a bottle of tablets that are easy to use.
  • Prostate 911 provides many discount offers and free delivery across the USA.

The cons of Prostate 911:

  • You can only buy Prostate 9121 from the producer’s official website.
  • You have to use it consistently to see noticeable results.

3.2. Prostagenix

The pros of Prostagenix:

  • Beta-sitosterol has a low risk for side effects and has solid evidence behind its potential to better BPH symptoms.
  • Some ingredients have potential promise for prostate signs control.
  • This product has a 90-day money-back warranty.

The cons of Prostagenix:

  • This supplement has no official third-party testing seal.
  • Many ingredients of Prostagenix lack human proof behind their uses in prostate health.
  • It is more expensive than many other prostate supplements.

4. Prostagenix Vs Prostate 911: Dosage

4.1. Prostate 911

You take two Prostate 911 pills daily, and the components go through the bloodstream and begin to lower the size of the prostate. PhytAge Labs claims that this supplement is for men exclusively because it mainly treats men’s reproductive health issues.

The company specifies that many consumers will experience the results of Prostate 911 within a week. Consumers should use the Prostate 911 supplement consistently for six months for maximum effects.

4.2. Prostagenix

You use 3 Prostagenix capsules every day, and users are guided to use them at any time of day, even on a full or empty stomach. The marker indicates that many males experience benefits in the first ten days and more consistently after 3 to 4 weeks of daily taking.

5. Prostate 911 Vs Prostagenix: Cost And Where To Buy

Prostate 911 Vs Prostagenix: Cost And Where To Buy

Prostate 911 Vs Prostagenix: Cost And Where To Buy

5.1. Prostate 911

The only place users can purchase Prostate 911 is from its official website. They will have many bundles to choose from, including:

  • 1 bottle: $69.95 + Free Delivery.
  • 2 bottles: $119.90 ($59.95 per bottle) + Free Delivery.
  • 4 bottles: $199.80 ($49.95 per bottle) + Free Delivery.

Get Prostate 911 TODAY for just $49.95 per bottle plus Free Shipping! Don’t let it slip through your fingers!


5.2. Prostagenix

You can buy ProstaGenix on its official website as follows:

  • 1 bottle: $49.95.
  • 3 bottles: $99.95.
  • 5 bottles: $149.95.

Both Prostate 911 and Prostagenix are well-known and effective prostate health supplements on the market. If you are looking for the best prostate product for men, Prostate 911 is the perfect option. Although its prices are higher than Prostagenix, all ingredients are 100% natural; thus, there are no side effects when using Prostate 911.

To sum up, selecting Prostate 911 or Prostagenix depends on their lifestyles and needs. However, we suggest you choose Prostate 911 because of its safe and natural ingredients. Liftyolife hopes this post has been helpful in letting you know about Prostate 911 vs Prostagenix reviews before making the final decision.

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