Nuun vs Liquid IV: Which Electrolyte Supplement Is Better?

December 21, 2022

If you are looking for a healthy and effective electrolyte supplement, you have come to the right place. In this post, Liftyolife will share information about the Nuun vs Liquid IV comparison and suggest which one is suitable for you. 

1. Overview of Nuun & Liquid IV

1.1. Liquid IV

Liquid IV is a great-tasting hydration beverage mix that keeps you focused and alert. It is created with a blend of vitamins and electrolytes that are made to be absorbed into the bloodstream more rapidly than water, supplying hydration and energy immediately. Combining the breakthrough science of CTT (Cellular Transport Technology) with water, the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier provides your cells an easy and rapid way to get the hydration they need, giving energy to your body. Get 10% OFF your first order plus free shipping! Why not?


1.2. Nuun

Nuun is a hydration pill that includes electrolytes, is made with clean ingredients, and has a light flavor. Its unique formula was developed by a team of sports nutritionists and medical professionals. The capsule dissolves in water to make a drink that tastes like your favorite beverage and includes all the nutrition your body needs to stay hydrated and healthy. Nuun capsules have 12 different flavors; therefore, you can choose the one you love. In addition, they are made from natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about taking any bad in your body. 

2. Nuun vs Liquid IV: Who is suitable?

2.1. Liquid IV

Liquid IV is suitable for those who are active people, live in hot climates and have difficulty getting enough water daily, and are regularly dehydrated. This product has no artificial ingredients, includes three times more electrolytes than traditional sports beverages, and is non-GMO.

2.2. Nuun

Nuun is best for athletes and people who have active lifestyles. One study measured the effects of using Nuun versus regular water to restore hydration while taking a break and found that the participants that took Nuun had more favorable fluid balances in their body and reduced urine output compared to those who drank only water. This shows that even people who are not exercising vigorously can get benefits from a rehydration product, particularly if they don’t drink enough water daily or live in hot climates.

Nuun vs Liquid IV: Who is suitable?

Nuun vs Liquid IV: Who is suitable?

3. Liquid IV Vs Nuun: The Pros And Cons

3.1. Liquid IV

The pros of Liquid IV

  • It is made in America.
  • This product uses high-quality cane sugar to help electrolyte absorption.
  • It is a soy-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan product.
  • This product meets the World Health Organization’s “ORS” (Oral Rehydration Solution) guidelines.
  • This product is an effective hydration blend.

The cons of Liquid IV

  • It includes highly-processed ingredients like stevia, dextrose, bleaching compounds, silicon dioxide, and mined salt.
  • It only works in water.

3.2. Nuun

The pros of Nuun

  • It has more flavors.
  • It has a wide range of products like pre-workout and special formulations for recovery and rest.
  • It is a gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO, and vegan product.

The cons of Nuun

  • It only works in water.
  • Its capsules take more than 2 minutes to dissolve fully.
  • This product does not use environmentally-friendly packaging.
  • It includes highly-processed ingredients such as sodium carbonate, dextrose, and stevia.
  • It has excessive plastic waste, consisting of single-serving plastics.

4. Nuun vs Liquid IV: Variable Options

4.1. Liquid IV

Here are feature products of Liquid IV you can refer to: Hydration Multiplier

  • Prevent anxiety and stress.
  • Rehydrate and restore energy.
  • Avoid hangovers and their symptoms.

Sleep Multiplier

  • Consumers use one packet in 8 oz of water.
  • It contains L-theanine, melatonin, and valerian.
  • The fast-acting blend assists you in sleeping well.

Probiotic Kombucha

  • It is a fermented drink with beneficial bacteria.
  • This product contains lactic acid bacteria.
  • It kills undesirable bacteria and yeast in your body.

Energy Multiplier

  • It comprises guayusa, ginger and matcha.
  • It has CTT (Cellular Transport Technology), which is better for absorption.
  • It is a non-GMO energy drink mix.

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4.2. Nuun

Here are some products of Nuun, including:

  • Nuun Sport: This original capsule is suitable for daily use, providing consumers with a unique and fizzy way to hydrate.
  • Nuun Prime: For athletes or people who want to incorporate more rehydration into their pre and post-workout products, Nuun Prime is a perfect option.
  • Nuun Endurance: As a mid-workout hydration beverage, Nuun Endurance provides an easy way to give energy to your body. Moreover, it also maintains energy levels and hydration during long bouts of exercise like long-distance training or races.
  • Nuun Recover: This product is a post-workout blend with L-Glutamine, electrolytes, and BCAAs to assist you in restoring hydration quicker.
  • Nuun Vitamin: This product contains additional A, D, C, E, and B vitamins on top of the electrolytes and nutrients sought in Nuun Sport.
  • Nuun Rest: This is a good natural sleep help that betters hydration while helping in quality rest. These capsules include magnesium, and tart cherry powder extract to promote recovery and muscle relaxation after active days.
  • Nuun Energy: This product contains 80 mg of caffeine from green tea extract and 20 mg of ginseng for a burst of alert concentration. Moreover, these capsules also have vitamin B6 and B12.

5. Liquid IV Vs Nuun: The Side Effects

5.1. Liquid IV

The primary safety concern for the Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is the sugar and sodium content. Thus, it should be used with caution by people who have high blood pressure and diabetes. The Liquid IV Energy Multiplier has 100 mg of caffeine, and the maximum safe usage is 400 mg/day. Thus, if you take it as a energy source daily, you have to consider this product in light of other caffeine you are drinking. High use of caffeine can lead to irregular heartbeat and difficulty breathing. For Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier, some side effects must be considered. Large usage of L-theanine can lead to headaches, nausea, and irritability. There are a few effects of valerian root. It can lead to digestive disturbances, headaches, excessive sleepiness, restlessness, or dizziness, but it is at high doses of more than 900mg. Beta-glucans are considered quite safe for the Liquid IV Immune Sport, but there is limited proof of their potential side effects. While Zinc is a necessary mineral, using it regularly can interfere with the absorption of other minerals. Therefore, you would not use this product daily but only limit it to when you need a little additional immune support. Before using any dietary supplement, in particular the Liquid IV packets with specialized ingredients, you would consult your doctor.

5.2. Nuun

Nuun electrolyte capsules are safe when you use them directly; however, side effects are possible. There is such a thing as consuming excess fluids or “hyperhydration.” In general, you can eliminate the excess through urination, although those with poorly functioning kidneys might have trouble keeping balance. “Water intoxication” seems similar to dehydration. Common symptoms consist of headache, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, confusion, or even coma and death. You need to talk with a physician if you feel your hydration is inadequate. The underlying lead may be linked to a condition that requires medical management.

6. Liquid IV Vs Nuun: The Price

Liquid IV Vs Nuun: The Price

Liquid IV Vs Nuun: The Price

6.1. Liquid IV

Here are the prices of Liquid IV’s packets, including:

  • Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier: $24.47 ($1.53 /stick)
  • Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier: $23.99 ($2.40 /stick)
  • Liquid IV Probiotic Kombucha: $23.99 ($2.40 /stick)
  • Liquid IV Energy Multiplier: $24.99 ($1.78 /stick)

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Liquid IV Price

Liquid IV Price

6.2. Nuun

Here are the prices of Nuun’s packets, as follows:

  • Nuun Sport: $7.49
  • Nuun Daily: $6.99
  • Nuun Immunity: $7.49

As mentioned above, both Liquid IV and Nuun are rehydration products that have numerous positive reviews from users. If we have to choose the best electrolyte supplement between Nuun vs Liquid IV, Liquid is the winner. This product meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines and has Cellular Transport Technology for better absorption. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about safety and effectiveness when using it. Moreover, you can get free delivery for any Liquid IV packets, compared to Nuun, which provides free shipping for over $45.

In conclusion, “Nuun vs Liquid IV: What’s the best electrolyte supplement?” depends on your needs. Both products are suitable for those who need to rehydrate and restore energy. These products are also non-GMO, gluten-free, and have various flavors. However, between Nuun and Liquid IV, Liquid is a better electrolyte supplement because of free shipping and new technology absorption. Liftyolife hopes you find the helpful information in this post before making a purchase.

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