Metabolic Factor Vs Metabolic Renewal: Which Is Better?

August 23, 2022

There are many ways to improve your health, but what is the best way to do so? In this post, Liftyolife ( compares the benefits of Metabolic Factor vs Metabolic Renewal, such as workouts, meals and stress-relief techniques, which help you decide the suitable one.

1. Metabolic Factor Vs Metabolic Renewal: What Can You Get From Program

1.1. Metabolic Factor

  • An audiobook that you can buy separately.
  • The metabolic factor blueprint.
  • The metabolic factor quick start guide.
  • The four support calls (prerecorded messages).
  • The top 50 IGF-1 trigger foods guide.
  • The metabolic factor 10-minute meals.
  • Motivational emails.
  • Instruction on the seven most powerful IGF-1 booster supplements.
  • The five worst exercise mistakes guide.
  • Users can approach the private Facebook group.

1.2. Metabolic Renewal

  • The female transformation tracker.
  • Hormone guide.
  • The metabolic renewal quick start guide.
  • You can approach the private Facebook guide.
  • Hormone type quiz.
  • The transformation tracker spreadsheet.
  • The 12 workouts and 4 burnout sessions.
  • The five-step female flat-belly formula.
  • The metabolic renewal guide.

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2. Metabolic Renewal Vs Metabolic Factor: The Workouts

Metabolic Renewal Vs Metabolic Factor: The Workouts

Metabolic Renewal Vs Metabolic Factor: The Workouts

2.1. Metabolic Factor

Much movement is encouraged. This program requests you to tap into the power of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). You won’t exercise vigorously over the 22 days of the Metabolic Factor, particularly if you are on the basic plan.

The advanced plan still combines with walking, but you need to use it to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

2.2. Metabolic Renewal

According to the four phases, exercise routines are adjusted, and it is not HIIT. The exercise bouts are really vigorous; however, you can take a break as long as you need to and be ready to go for it. This exercise will increase HGH but maintain your cortisol levels in check. On average, each workout last 15 minutes.

If you don’t like functional movements and HIIT-type workouts, this exercise program is unsuitable for you. Instead, you can go for a walk every day.

During the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle or any time you have a lot of energy, you should do activities that you are in between the recommended workouts.

3. Metabolic Factor Vs Metabolic Renewal: The Meals

3.1. Metabolic Factor

Besides the recipes and meal plans, you can get a shopping list weekly. This program has a wide range of shakes, lunch, breakfast and dinner meals; they all look delicious. Moreover, you can enjoy various recipes, including fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables. 

The meals are made to be low in carbohydrates; thus, there are no recipes that will comprise pasta, grains and potatoes. Additionally, you can use delicious spices and herbs to season your meals.

Some carbohydrate feast recipes are recommended; however, you can eat what you want on the basic plan. For the advanced plan, you need to stick to the recipes.

3.2. Metabolic Renewal

Its meal plan has recipes that you can make at home. The plan varies depending on whether you get your periods, are breastfeeding, pregnant, pre-menopausal, post-menopausal or going through menopause.

You can make delicious breakfast with these smoothie recipes. You also get a list of vegetables, fats, fruits, oils, meat, fish, poultry, and starches that you can use to make meals.

For the first time, you need lower your carbohydrate intake. Not to the point of being on very low carbohydrates if you are not ready to eat fewer carbohydrates than usual.

4. Stress-Relief Techniques

4.1. Metabolic Factor

You will do a four-minute breathing exercise in a basic plan. For the advanced plan, you will do the breathing exercise and make time for the hobbies that relax you.

4.2. Metabolic Renewal

Breathing exercises and meditation are recommended. You will see modifications in the workouts to reduce exercise stress.

You are also encouraged to do things such as spend time with your family, go for massages, see your friends, go for pedicures or/ and manicures, sleep, nap, have sex, cuddle, and relaxing hot baths.

5. Target Customers

5.1. Metabolic Factor

If you seek that low carbohydrate diets work best for you and at least for 22 days, you will get benefits from a more sedate training regimen, Metabolic Factor is the perfect option.

After the first 22 days, you can buy more advanced programs created by Dr Johnny Bowden to advance the progress with instruction. The price of the Metabolic Factor is more than $416. However, you can take it for a fraction of the cost if you share your success story and obtain it at the opening discount.

5.2. Metabolic Renewal

If you don’t mind short but tough workouts and are willing to follow a program for three months, Metabolic Renewal is the best choice.

It is easier to stick to the recommended diet on this program if you are vegetarian or vegan. Metabolic Renewal also makes allowances for females of all ages and with conditions such as adrenal fatigue, polycystic ovary syndrome, and thyroid problems. You can do this program while breastfeeding or pregnant.

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Metabolic Renewal Vs Metabolic Factor: Price

Metabolic Renewal Vs Metabolic Factor: Price

Metabolic Factor and Metabolic Renewal help users maintain a healthy lifestyle. If we have to choose which one is the best program, it would definitely be Metabolic Renewal. It has various food recipes which are suitable for consumers’ needs. Moreover, Metabolic Renewal offers an affordable price, helping users save the amount of money as well as enjoy a healthy life.

To summarize, purchasing Metabolic Renewal or Metabolic Factor depends on your needs and budget. However, we suggest you choose Metabolic Renewal because of the diversity of food recipes and its reasonable price. Liftyolife ( hopes this post has been helpful in letting you know about “Metabolic Factor vs Metabolic Renewal: Which is the best?”

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