10 Laziest Ways To Lose Weight For Lazy Person

December 15, 2022
Diet & Weight management

There are many ways to burn fat and get slimmer, but plenty of people would love to lose weight the lazy way. They don’t want to spend hours in the gym or have a strict diet. They don’t want to reject delectable food and snacks. Well, if that sounds like you, this blog is probably for you. Below, Liftyolife gives you a faster way out with some interesting tips that can make fat loss effortless and easy.

1. Weight Lose Supplement Or Slimming Patches – Best Lazy Ways To Lose Weight

One of the best lazy ways to lose weight is by using supplements and slimming patches. These are non-threatening and non-demanding methods. Especially you can apply them anywhere and anytime.

In fact, busy people who crave weight loss have enjoyed using this simple way. That’s because they can actually lose pounds while being at work or malls.

Concerned about the effectiveness of these products? Don’t worry. Here are the supplements and patches recommended to help you lose those extra pounds that have been nagging your body.

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    For most people, belly fat is the main reason they want to lose weight because that makes the body look worst. If you’re one of them, Parxal patches are how to lose weight the lazy way. And for sure, this product is made to help you get rid of fat in the belly without taking your time and money.

    Parxal Patch

    Parxal Patch

    The patches from Parxal are claimed to work by conveying natural substances onto the skin and kickstarting fat-burning in your abdominal part.

    How to use it? As we learn from the manufacturer’s instructions, a Parxal patch simply is supposed to adhere to your abdomen for five hours daily. Do it consistently, and you can expect results in a few weeks.

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    Parxal arms are another product from this brand to help get your slender arms back without any workouts. It has been designed to burn fat naturally and help eliminate unwanted fat in the arms without any side effects.

    Parxal Arms

    The way it works is similar to Parxal patches. You simply adhere it to the clean skin under your arms and wait for one hour before peeling it off. Do at least one hour daily to see results.

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    2. Multitasking In Front Of The TV

    This is the laziest way to lose weight and get fit without leaving your couch or bed. You don’t even need any equipment. Just stand up and move around while you watch your favorite show or listen to your favorite song! That way can burn more calories than how much you think.

    3. Drink More Water

    Drinking more water is the most effortless and safest way to lose weight. It’s also a good idea to drink water first thing in the morning and the last thing at night if you’re thirsty. And drink a glass of water before a meal.

    Aside from drinking plenty of water, you should also stop eating salty foods and reduce your consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (caffeinated drinks and soda). They are high in calories but low in nutrients, so just stop loading them into your body.

    If you’re not a fan of water, add citrus fruits like oranges or limes to your diet. Or try herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile tea with lemon or honey.

    4. Prioritize Good Sleep

    Prioritize Good Sleep

    Prioritize Good Sleep

    Sleep deprivation is one of the popular causes of weight gain. It’s a simple fact: if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will store calories as fat to keep you awake and alert.

    Studies have shown that when you aren’t sleeping, your body will produce a hunger hormone called Ghrelin. That’s why some people rummage their refrigerators at midnight for snacks and milk as they cannot sleep.

    If weightlifting and home workouts sound impossible, at least prioritize better sleep for better fat burning. That is the safest way to promote weight loss for lazy people.

    5. Wear Comfortable Clothes

    This may appear hopeless, but it is based on scientific research. It demonstrates that wearing casual clothing can increase physical activity levels in daily routines. You tend to walk faster and harder when you wear comfortable clothing instead of formal business attire. This could result in more calorie burn.

    Researchers from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse conducted an experiment (1) asking participants to wear jeans or formal clothes for two weeks. Then they measured their physical activity levels before and after wearing the different types of shirts.

    The results showed that those who wore casual shirts walked more than those who wore button-downs. In addition, the participants who wore casual denim were found to have higher energy expenditure during their daily activities than those who wore button-downs.

    6. Hide Unhealthier Foods

    Hide unhealthy foods out of sight so that when your empty stomach craves something, you reach for the healthy food first. You can perform this psychological trick at home or anywhere.

    Also, don’t store unhealthy food in a clear box. You will not overeat as long as you try hard not to see the food, according to a study researching transparent packages’ impacts on food consumption. (2)

    7. Chew Some Gum

    Chewing gum is a simple way to control your appetite and make yourself eat less food by making your mouth uninteresting for food. Yes. And your breath even smells better!

    Besides, it might not be about eating. Some people have impulsive eating habits because their mouths are so used to chewing something.

    If you’re one of those, put gums in your mouth instead of junk food, especially the flavorless ones. According to a study, flavorless gums decrease significant appetite degrees. You’ll burn lots of calories from constant chewing as well.

    8. Take A Rest Between Bites

    Taking a break between bites means you do not rush your consumption process. Eating at a slower pace can help you lose weight because your body will spend more time burning calories from the food in your stomach and less time digesting it. So if you take a bite of food and chew slowly, you’ll feel full faster and eat less overall.

    9. Use Smaller Plates

    Use Smaller Plates

    Use Smaller Plates

    You need to reduce your food intake when you want to lose weight the lazy way. But at the same time, you do not want to go on a crash diet, which comes with its own problems?

    The best way is to “gaslight” yourself on how much food you have consumed daily. Using small plates is one of the ways to do it!

    Smaller plates make you think you have eaten a large portion of food. That way, you’re making autosuggestion that you’ve consumed enough food. And then you won’t want more.

    10. Remove Food From Desks And Counters

    The first crime that causes you to gain weight is obviously impulsive eating. To limit eating without scientific consideration, conceal the presence of junk food. It may appear petty and unscientific, but it is true!

    It is not always a matter of hunger. Sometimes you eat something for fun while ignoring the consequences of how frequently you eat. Remove the candy or chocolate jars from your desk or shelves and store them in a hidden place.

    Better yet, you can keep it in a location that is difficult to approach. Because you are lazy, you are less likely to accomplish something that requires much effort!

    11. Have Your Meals Hand-delivered

    If you’re a lazy person who wants to lose weight, consider having a healthy meal delivery service. These services provide pre-packaged meals ready in a few minutes with no preparation needed on your part.

    They deliver healthy meals with little or no fat or sugar and plenty of fiber. The nicest part is that these services are relatively inexpensive and will save you time by eliminating the need for cooking and preparing meals at home.

    As a bottom line, it’s not impossible to lose weight the lazy way as many people might think. Many of the tricks above are based on scientific studies and backed by beauty experts. However, results will not appear fast with them. Workouts are always the best idea to get a slim, fit body and let go of vexing fat in the long run. Liftyolife hopes this article has been helpful!

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