Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Which Is The Best Hydration Drink?

December 19, 2022

When you’re working out and sweating, it’s important to stay hydrated. In this article, Liftyolife shares the Liquid IV vs Gatorade comparison and suggests which one is the best for you.

1. Overview of Liquid IV & Gatorade

Both Liquid IV and Gatorade are rehydration beverages because of their electrolyte content. To know more specifically, let’s read some basic information about Liquid IV & Gatorade.

1.1. Liquid IV

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is an electrolyte mix that provides around 2 to 3 times water’s frequent hydration.  Liquid IV uses CTT (Cellular Transport Technology) to lead to hydration into your bloodstream at a quicker rate. Cellular Transport Technology uses the right amount of sodium, glucose, and potassium to regulate the osmotic force to supply hydration directly to the bloodstream more rapidly in the digestive process. Liquid IV has a variety of tasty flavors like apple cinnamon, acai berry, passion fruit, and lemon-lime. Its flavors are increased by non-GMO cane sugar. Liquid IV also has different types: sleep, immunity, energy, and hydration. Each type has CTT that is combined with its synergistic ingredients. For instance, Liquid IV Sleep includes valerian root, melatonin, and l-theanine to assist you in falling asleep quicker and staying asleep.

1.2. Gatorade

Gatorade is a sports beverage that helps fuel athletes and restores what they lose through sweat during physical activity. Therefore, it promotes good sports performance for them.

2. Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Feature Products & Price

2.1. Liquid IV

Here are the feature products of Liquid IV:

Types of Liquid IV products

Types of Liquid IV products

Sleep Multiplier
  • It comprises valerian root, melatonin, and L-theanine.
  • Users need 8 oz of water for one packet.
  • It has a fast-acting blend, which helps you fall asleep fast.

Hydration Multiplier

  • This product helps prevent stress and anxiety.
  • This product prevents hangovers and their symptoms.
  • It replenishes hydration and energy.

Probiotic Kombucha

  • This product kills undesirable yeast and bacteria in your body.
  • It is a fermented drink with beneficial bacteria.
  • It comprises lactic acid bacteria.

Energy Multiplier

  • This product is a non-GMO energy beverage mix.
  • This product comprises guayusa, matcha, and ginger.
  • This product contains Cellular transport technology for better absorption.

Here are the prices of Liquid IV’s products you can refer to:

  • Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier: $24.47 ($1.53 /stick)
  • Liquid IV Energy Multiplier: $24.99 ($1.78 /stick)
  • Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier: $23.99 ($2.40 /stick)
  • Liquid IV Probiotic Kombucha: $23.99 ($2.40 /stick)

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2.2. Gatorade

Here are the prices and products of Gatorade:



  • Rapid Rehydration Electrolyte Beverage: $2.38 per bottle.
  • Frost Thirst Quencher Glacier Freeze: $1.34 per bottle.
  • G Zero Sugar Glacier Thirst Quencher Sports Drink: $1.34 per bottle.
  • Fit Electrolyte Beverage: $13.84 per bottle.

Compared to Gatorade, Liquid IV offers an affordable price. Moreover, this product provides a lot of sticks per package; therefore, you can use it many times when you need to replenish hydration.

3. Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Ingredients

Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Ingredients

Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Ingredients

Here is a Liquid IV vs Gatorade comparison about ingredients:

3.1. Liquid IV

Here is a list of Liquid IV’s ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12: It helps your body regulate red blood cells.
  • Phosphorus: helps you store and use energy. In addition, it also assists in eliminating waste, repairing damaged tissues, keep your bones strong and healthy.
  • Vitamin B6: This ingredient is beneficial for the nervous and metabolic systems.
  • Niacin: This ingredient strengthens cognitive function and prevents conditions like Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. Moreover, it has positive effects on blood fat and blood pressure levels.
  • Vitamin C: This ingredient replenishes body tissue and increases immunity.
  • Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5): It aids your body in converting carbohydrates, fats, etc., into glucose. This glucose will restore your energy levels and keep you energetic for longer.

3.2. Gatorade

Here are Gatorade’s ingredients, as follows:

  • Water: It helps hydrate yourself.
  • Sugar: This ingredient helps fuel energy for yourself.
  • Dextrose: This ingredient is another type of sugar added for fuel.
  • Citric acid: This ingredient is for flavor.
  • Salt: It helps restore electrolytes.
  • Sodium citrate is the sodium salt of citric acid to better the flavor.
  • Monopotassium phosphate: This ingredient adds potassium for electrolyte restoration.
  • Gum arabic: This ingredient is the hardened sap of the acacia tree, assisting in citrus flavors and other oil-based flavors that remain suspended in drinks such as sports beverages.
  • Glycerol ester of rosin: This ingredient ensures that the citrus oils in the sports beverages remain suspended in the water and it is recognized as safe by the FDA.
  • Natural and artificial flavors: While natural flavors are derived from a food source, artificial flavors are chemical compounds made in a lab that imitates a natural flavor. These flavors are added in small quantities so that they shouldn’t lead to any harm to you.

4. Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Health Benefits

Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Health Benefits

Liquid IV vs Gatorade: Health Benefits

4.1. Liquid IV

Liquid IV brings many benefits to your health, including:

  • Eliminates Stress and Anxiety: Dehydration may increase anxiety, nervousness, and stress. Increasing your water intake, particularly the Liquid IV product, helps you feel more relaxed.
  • Boosts Energy: Using the Liquid IV helps restore your low energy levels. Dehydration reduces cognitive performance and increases fatigue; therefore, you should feel more vitality if drinking the electrolyte beverage mix.
  • Glowing Skin: Serious dehydration leads to skin-related complications like dullness, acne, and dryness. To restore your glow and healthy skin, you need to drink more water and add some Liquid IV for better results.
  • Immune Support: The Liquid IV Immune comprises electrolytes, additional vitamin C, Zinc, and a patented blend of its beta-glucan item to help immune function.
  • Boosts Concentration and Focus: The Liquid IV hydration multiplier provides water to the brain, boosting thought and memory processes.

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4.2. Gatorade

Here are the benefits of using Gatorade:

  • Prevent Muscle Cramping: Gatorade has 37 ml of potassium in one 8 oz bottle, which assists in restoring potassium and avoiding muscle cramping during exercise.
  • Sustained Energy: Gatorade includes a 6% solution of carbohydrates. Many researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport’s Department of Sports Nutrition proved that “Taking carbohydrates before, during and after exercise are essential to the performance of various sports events. Moreover, this is a leading recommendation in current sports nutrition guidelines.”
  • Prevent Dehydration: Gatorade is high in sodium which helps maintain the water balance in the body’s cells. One 8 oz bottle of Gatorade has 95 mg of sodium, enough to assist in replacing what is lost through sweat and workout.

5. Risk of drinking Liquid IV & Gatorade

5.1. Liquid IV

Before using any Liquid IV, ensure you are not sensitive to certain ingredients. For instance, regarding Mayo Clinic, not most users react well to melatonin, which is used in the Sleep Multiplier of Liquid IV. While it’s natural sleep support, it might not suit everyone. Before purchasing a large batch of Liquid IV, you should try one of the hydration sticks to guarantee your body reacts well to it.

5.2. Gatorade

Because Gatorade contains a lot of sugar, children, and users having weight issues should consider it before purchasing this product. The University of California, Berkeley’s 2014 paper shows that children’s increase in sugary beverage consumption, consisting of energy beverages, may lead to weight gain in adulthood. They also link this circumstance to chronic conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

To sum up, both Liquid IV and Gatorade helps user restore hydration after the workout. If we have to choose between Liquid IV vs Gatorade for the best hydration beverage, it would be Liquid IV. This product offers a wide range of flavors and the best price; therefore, you will have a chance to enjoy it. Moreover, Liquid IV has many sticks in one package, so you can use it many times when needed, compared to the Gatorade hydration drink. Hope this post from Liftyolife provided the helpful information you are looking for.


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