Is A BMI Of 29 Bad or Good?

December 26, 2022
Diet & Weight management

Is a BMI of 29 bad or good? Don’t miss out on this post to know whether your weight is healthy or not for your height.

Body mass index is a measurement of a person’s body fat based on their weight and height. Many people wonder, “Is a BMI of 29 bad or good?”. In this post, Liftyolife ( will go through the question you should consider.

1. What is a BMI Of 29?

A BMI of 29 implies that your Body Mass Index is 29. The BMI identifies if your weight is correct or not for your height.

2. Is a BMI of 29 Bad Or Good?

Many people want their BMI to be good because a bad BMI can lead to health issues. Is a BMI of 29 bad? Is a BMI of 29 good? To identify if a BMI of 29 is good or not good, we suppose you are not old, not pregnant, and not a child. Moreover, this measure isn’t appropriate for you if you have a lot of muscle.

Let’s take a look at the information below to know if your BMI of 29 is good or not.

  • Underweight: 18.49 and lower.
  • Normal: between 18.50 and 24.99.
  • Overweight: from 25.00 to 29.99.
  • Obese: 30 or more than 30.

As seen above, a BMI of 29 is not good because it is in the overweight range. A high BMI implies a high weight, which can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and even cancer.

Is a BMI of 29 bad or good? It is sad to say that your BMI of 29 is not good. To lose weight, you must eat clean, exercise, take one supplement appropriate to your health, etc. Once you decide to drop weight, you must follow a strict schedule to gain an effective result. Hoping the post from Liftyolife ( gives you helpful information that you are looking for in your health.

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