How To Lower Blood Sugar?

December 24, 2022

CDC’s Division of Diabetes Translation reports that 13% of adults live with diabetes, and 34.5% have prediabetes in the US. This ratio means that approximately 50% of American adults have diabetes and prediabetes. So, how to lower blood sugar? Here are five easy ways to control diabetes for better living that Liftyolife ( bring to you.

1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help you manage blood glucose levels, maintain weight, and increase insulin sensitivity if you have type 2 diabetes.

Insulin is a hormone that helps metabolize sugar into cells and reduce glucose. Therefore, it helps your cells absorb available sugar from the bloodstream. Exercise also helps your muscles use sugar for energy even without an increased need for insulin. Because of these two factors, exercise could lower glucose levels in the short term and A1C levels in the long term.

Exercising forms recommended are walking, cycling, swimming, aerobic dance, weightlifting, and more.

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Please note: Patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes must keep their blood sugar below 250 mg/dl before exercising. When these levels are higher, exercise can cause ketoacidosis, which lowers insulin levels and can be fatal in people with type 1 diabetes.

2. Drink water instead of juice or soda

Some types of drinks you should limit include

  • Beverages with added sugars: such as juice, soft drink, and sports or energy drinks.
  • Alcohol.

Drink water instead of beverages. In addition, if you usually drink alcohol, please limit the amount of it. Just one drink for women and two drinks for men a day.

Drink water instead of juice or soda

Drink water instead of juice or soda

3. Manage your stress levels and get enough quality sleep

Stress can affect the blood sugar levels in diabetic people. These two different types of hormone will be secreted when you are under stress: glucagon and cortisol. This may cause higher sugar levels.

Manage your stress levels and get enough quality sleep

Manage your stress levels and get enough quality sleep

Sleep plays a key role in how to manage your glucose sugar levels. If diabetic people sleep regularly less than 7 hours per night, their blood sugar levels are hard to control. Sleepless will lead to:

  • Increase insulin resistance.
  • Make you hungrier and eat more.
  • Hard to lose weight
  • Your immune system will be less able to fight infections.

4. Diabetes Meal Planning

Creating a personalized meal plan with when, what, and how much you should eat to control your glucose sugar levels in your target range.

Diabetes Meal Planning

Diabetes Meal Planning

A good meal plan will include:

  • Non Starchy vegetables: baby corn, broccoli, green beans, and so on.
  • Increase your fiber intake with grains: white bread, rice, pasta.
  • Limit processed food as much as possible.

If you are trying to look for the fastest way to lower your glucose sugar, increase your fiber consumption.

Fiber helps your body to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar. Thus, they promote a steady rise in blood sugar. Total dietary fiber intake should be 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men per day. Fourteen grams of fiber is for a 1,000-calorie diet.

5. Carbohydrate counting

When people living with diabetes consume high-carb foods, blood glucose levels will rise. In addition, high carbohydrate diets often require more doses of insulin, or certain diabetes medications, to control blood sugar.

Carbohydrate counting

Carbohydrate counting

The Center For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) advises managing carb intake by counting carbs and matching that to your insulin dose. How can we count carbs? We can measure carbs in grams. You could find total carb grams on packaged foods on the Nutrition Facts label or use the carb-counting app.

If you struggle to calculate carbs intake, you can use Klinio to manage. It’s a virtual assistant that offers personalized meal plans and carb-counting to take care of diabetes.


So, how to lower blood sugar? Liftyolife ( hope you find out. Make sure that you will discuss with your doctor before changing anything in your lifestyle. If you feel any different signs in your health, contact your doctor immediately to get valuable advice. 

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