How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks?

June 23, 2022
Diet & Weight management

How to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? Losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks seems like a challenging goal; however it is possible if you follow the right strategies. In this post, Liftyolife ( shares some tips you can apply to lose weight healthily and quickly.

1. The Consequences of Rapid Weight Loss

1.1. Moodiness And Irritability

If you are hungry, you will get angry quickly. This mood is called “hangry”.

1.2. Hair Loss And Brittle Nails

Nails and hair are not crucial organs. Thus, when you don’t provide your body with enough substances through food, with any minor nutrients it absorbs, it will use to keep up your portal organs, overlooking things such as nails and hairs, which will ultimately begin to fall off and break.

Hair Loss And Brittle Nails

Hair Loss And Brittle Nails

1.3. Constipation

As you don’t eat enough, you will have fewer bowel movements which usually convert into harder stools that are regularly difficult and painful to expel.

1.4. Chronic Fatigue

If you don’t provide enough food to turn into energy, your body can not maintain the necessary energy levels throughout the day.

2. How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks?

Here are 11 ways that Liftyolife believes can help you drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks quickly and safely.

2.1. Take Weight loss Supplement – The best way to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks

2.1.1. Colon Broom

Colon Broom is one of the ideal options if you want a product to lose weight. This supplement is made from psyllium husk powder that helps you drop weight quicker. Besides, it also boosts healthy gut bacteria, producing a better foundation for people who want to begin a more safe and nutritious weight-loss regimen.

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2.1.2. Cellubrate

Cellubrate works with your metabolism to keep it working and prevent fat from piling up in fat cells, allowing you to lose weight safely.

Why is Cellubrate a safe weight loss supplement? Vitamins C and E are included in the components of this vitamin. Your immune system will suffer as a result of losing weight. These two vitamins will boost the power of your immune system, decrease inflammation, and protect you against disease or worse.

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2.1.3. Ikigai Formula

Stress is the leading cause of weight gain, and Ikigai Formula promotes stress relief. Thousands of people claimed to have shed more than 50 pounds after taking this supplement.

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2.1.4. Acidaburn

Acidaburn includes Aloe Vera, which has been shown in scientific studies to help minimize fat formation in the body by increasing calorie-burning activities. Acidaburn makes it easy to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

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2.1.5. ReNew

ReNew helps you lose weight by lowering fat and glucose absorption in your stomach. It contains four key ingredients: psyllium husk, green coffee bean extract, magnesium, and African mango seed extract.

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2.2. Make A Commitment

As you can see, committing is as apparent; however, dropping weight will be hard to break without your commitment. As you will be applying a new diet in the short term, you must be disciplined in your goal. The target is not to drop 20 pounds in a month but in two weeks. You don’t have the enjoyment of even one day off because your aim of weight loss will take you more than two weeks.

Once you begin, you must commit to noticing it through. You can use some strategies to stick with your commitment like telling other people your plan so they can hold you responsible or even have them join you.

2.3. Reduce Calories In

One of the best ways to drop 20 pounds in 2 weeks is to reduce the number of calories you absorb. You can begin decreasing the number of calories you eat by cutting down the amount of food you consume.

2.4. Eat More Fiber And Protein

If you want to minimize your total food intake, you should increase the amount of fiber in your course. Fiber takes a long time to run through the gastrointestinal tract, which means you will feel full and don’t crave food.

Some studies proved that high protein meals boost muscle mass and reduce belly fat at the same time. Besides, it helps improve the metabolism system during weight loss. Thus, you should add some food containing protein, which enables you to decrease your craving and appetite.

2.5. Avoid Refined Carbs

If you begin having a healthy diet, you won’t take in baked foods regularly. Moreover, reducing the consumption of white bread, white rice and white pasta helps you lose 20 pounds in two weeks.

The reason you should get away from carbohydrates is that they increase your blood sugar. Once the blood sugar is high, it has a tendency to cause appetite, which may lead you to consume more food than you need, which is opposite to the goal of your weight loss. Additionally, people who take in many refined carbohydrates easily face a higher risk of having more visceral fat than those who consume whole grains.

Avoid Refined Carbs

Avoid Refined Carbs

2.6. Eat Slowly

Eating too fast is easy to consume more calories than you may need because the signal from the stomach to the human brain takes approximately 20 minutes before it recognizes that your stomach is full. When you eat quickly, you will consume more food. Besides, having meals at a calm pace will bring greater feelings of satisfaction when you get up from the table. This way helps you not crave foods such as snacks after meals.

2.7. Do HIIT Training

Once you want to burn calories quickly, you need to increase another level of your cardio. According to a Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise study, doing HIIT better VO2 max burns more fat compared to aerobic training.

Besides, the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research study (2013) showed that doing HIIT in four weeks helps you burn more calories than traditional rowing.

Instead of spending more hours on the treadmill, you should target to do fat-torching circuits for your whole body.

For instance, you can build up an exercise including push presses, goblet squats, barbell rows/dumbbells and push-ups, do each for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 seconds before moving to the following one.

2.8. Drink More Water

Water is good for slaking your thirst and decreasing your hunger. Drinking a glass of water when you are hungry can satisfy your rumbling stomach for a short time until the setup time for the next meal. Moreover, drinking lots of water helps you decrease your appetite and acts as a replacement for junk foods.

Remember that water accounts for space; therefore, after drinking water, you will eat less during mealtime as the water is already in your stomach. It is not astonishing that people who drink water before meals have a tendency to absorb fewer calories.

2.9. Try Intermittent Fasting

Besides supporting you in losing weight, intermittent fasting has been claimed to boost the metabolism system while keeping lean muscle. The issue you usually face when losing lots of weight fast is that you may be “skinny fat” (turning out to be thin, but the body is soft and mushy). Consequently, you may not be joyful with how your boy is shaped.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Try Intermittent Fasting

You can fast in about 16 hours between courses. During intermittent fasting, you only absorb drinks that won’t crack your fast such as black coffee, unsweetened green tea, cold lemon water and branched-chain amino acids. This method will help you decrease your daily calorie intake.

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2.10. Avoid Alcohol

One of the things you should do to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks is get away from alcoholic drinks. For beginners, alcoholic beverages include many empty calories, and at the same time, they could decrease the body’s metabolism.

Drinking alcoholic beverages can also interrupt your sleep, and you know if you don’t sleep enough, your body will keep more calories.

2.11. Sleep Enough

Good quality sleep can help you make better decisions about which foods you take in and earn the energy to go through your exercise routine. Falling asleep at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning helps you keep a frequent timetable. Here are some tips you can do to sleep well, including:

  • Turn off electronic devices 30 minutes before you sleep.
  • Skip caffeine in the evening and afternoon.
  • Create a calm, silent and dark atmosphere for your bedroom.
  • Don’t use your bedroom to work, play games or eat; only for sleep.

How to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? Although dropping 20 pounds may seem like a difficult challenge, you can do it safely and fast by making several minor and simple changes to your lifestyle and diet. These activities include taking Colon Broom, eating slowly, doing HIIT training, drinking more water, etc. For best results, you can adjust these tips to boost weight loss and health. With this knowledge above, Liftyolife ( hopes you found helpful information we bring to you in the post.

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