HealthyWage Reviews: Lose Weight to Win up to $10,000

July 1, 2023

Weight loss is never a simple process. Some people lose hope when they only notice little gains. Once they’ve accomplished a goal, some people go back to their old weight. So, if you’re having trouble losing weight, a monetary reward can be precisely what you need. This is something you can now accomplish thanks to a website. You may learn more about this program by reading HealthyWage reviews from Liftyolife.

1. What is HealthyWage?

HealthyWage is a leading online fitness and weight loss challenge platform with cash awards. That is to say, HealthyWage will reward you for your efforts to slim down. Win money by placing a claim and achieving your goal weight.

2. How Does HealthyWage Work?

Let’s get started with the challenge by discovering how it operates! HealthyWage works in four simple steps:

2.1. Calculate Your Prize

Use HealthyWage’s free Price Calculator to find out how much you can earn by losing weight. Your weight loss goal will include the number of pounds you want to lose and the time (months) you want to accomplish it. Remember that your reduced target must be at least 10% of your current body weight. For example, a 300-pound individual would need to shed at least 30 pounds. In this section, you’d want to enter the amount of weight you’d like to lose and how much money you’d like to get. You’ll see that the reward range fluctuates as you adjust the various parameters. Play around with the calculator as much as you like without making any commitments. A golden chance to win $10,000 while losing weight! Boost your inspiration and keep it still active with HealthyWage now!


2.2. Make Your Bet

After knowing your prize money, you may opt on whether or not to put a wager. As soon as you do, your credit card number will be entered. Monthly or one-time payment options are available.

2.3. Lose the Weight

Is there a way to prevent individuals from inputting an exaggerated “beginning weight” and then cashing in when the pounds magically melt away? By asking users to verify their starting weight before the challenge begins, HealthyWage can overcome this issue. HealthyWage just needs a smartphone and a scale to operate. Both of the following options are available to you:

  • Have a “referee” from the HealthyWage mobile app (iOS or Android) remotely watch your weigh-in.
  • Upload your weight-in video to the HealthyWage website in a secure way.

With weekly weigh-ins and encouragement from other participants, you can stay on track throughout the competition. You may extend your challenge by purchasing more time. For the duration of your challenge, you’ll be able to access the option on your dashboard. The additional money gives you more time to earn your original reward amount.

2.4. Win Money!

Your reward will be sent to you by cheque or Paypal if you are the winner of the HealthyWager! The amount paid will be the total amount you chose when you placed your bet. Note: A $7.00 processing charge applies to paper checks. When using Paypal, you’ll be hit with a 2.9% + 30 cents fee, except for situations when HealthyWage covers the cost (e.g., Team Challenge Reimbursement Prize).


3. More Ways to Make Money with HealthyWage

To keep you motivated, HealthyWage provides four more challenges that you may participate in, either alone or with a group.

3.1. Step Challenge

Individuals or teams may participate in Jackpot challenges, in which their money goes into a pot. When the challenge is over and you’ve lost 6% of your body weight, you’ve won the prize money.

3.2. Jackpot Challenges

Make use of your pedometer to join a stepping competition. Individuals or teams may compete to reach certain step goals and win the prize.

3.3. Refer Your Friends

A group of five people competes to lose the most weight and earn monetary rewards. The highest award is $10,000.

3.4. $10,000 Team Challenge

Making a lifestyle change is much simpler when you have people who are also trying to make a change. You’ll get an extra $40 for every friend you get to join HealthyWager. There is an additional $200 in rewards if you can find five people to participate with you.

4. Is HealthyWage Legit Or Not?

Is HealthyWage legit or not? Or a HealthyWage scam? HealthyWage is a legit program. We said this based on the reviews of the media sources authority (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Good Morning America, etc.), articles and videos on the HealthyWage app review.

Is HealthyWage Legit Or Not?

Is HealthyWage Legit Or Not?

5. HealthyWage Reviews From Real Customers

More than 90% of customers are satisfied with their purchases at HealthyWage, which has an overall rating of 4.09 stars out of 111 reviews. Customers who are happy with HealthyWage most often talk about losing weight, getting more motivation, and setting a time frame. Then, if you are still confused about whether it is a scam, read some reviews on HealthyWage below!

  • Full-time working parents Jenny S. and Miranda B., both of whom battled with their weight. They talked with NBC News about how they were able to shed pounds in a manner that was both healthy and long-lasting. They not only met their weight reduction targets, but they also received huge monetary awards for their efforts! Jenny was awarded $5,135 for her weight loss of 100 pounds, while Miranda was awarded $2,973 for her weight loss of 81 pounds.
  • HealthyWage helped Jack K. drop over 200 pounds (and earn over $3,000!) in an interview with 7News Australia.
  • HealthyWage helped talk show presenter and actress Sherri Shepherd shed a whopping 20 pounds, and she’s happier than ever! You can read her whole interview with People, in which she discusses her motivation for reducing weight and how HealthyWage helped her stay on track.

6. Is HealthyWage Worth It?

It all depends on the situation, in addition to the good HealthyWage reviews. As long as money is an important motivator for your weight loss, then yes, HealthyWage is definitely worth it. However, what is more attractive than money when joining this challenge?

  • As mentioned, cash incentives will help you remain focused and achieve your weight loss objectives. Money may be a strong motivation. So it may be what some individuals need to keep on track with their weight loss goals.
  • “Lifelines” are friends and family members who will be there for you as you make your way through this challenging time. As you finish your tasks, this might serve as a motivating reward.
  • You may also participate in a group weight loss challenge where you and your friends work together to shed pounds. In this way, you can bond with your relationship in a great way!
  • The atmosphere of the program is quite helpful. And it didn’t seem to have any hidden fees or charges.

So, to summarize: if you need a “last push” to reach your weight loss objectives, this program is a good option.

7. HealthyWage Pricing & Where To Buy It

It’s up to you how much you want to ‘wager’ each month with HealthyWage, so there’s no fixed price. You can have this service between $5 to $995 a month. The more you bet, the more money you can win, but the danger you take is also greater. Use just the HealthyWage website to ensure your purchase is real and take advantage of the best deals available. Moreover, you’ll get the greatest customer service and money-back guarantee when you shop here. A golden chance to win $10,000 while losing weight! Boost your inspiration and keep it still active with HealthyWage now!


HealthyWage Pricing & Where To Buy It

HealthyWage Pricing & Where To Buy It

You may find it simpler to achieve your objectives using this program. Your health and finances may both be improved if you stick to your game plan and achieve your targets. We hope the HealthyWage Reviews above can help you to get a good overview of this program. If you need to find more tips to make a better life, read more articles from Liftyolife!

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