DoFasting Reviews: Things You Should Know Before Buying

December 21, 2022

Many find losing weight torturous because maintaining motivation throughout weight loss is challenging. In other words, this journey is tough because it forces you to fight yourself. So, Liftyolife suggests an app to improve inspiration and help you reach your goals more easily. It’s a DoFasting app. So the DoFasting reviews below explain why you should use this tool.

1. About DoFasting

DoFasting is an intermittent fasting app released by Fasting Solutions UAB. It gives you around-the-clock access to your fasting tracker, food plans, and exercise routines to help you maintain your fasting diet. This app contains informative articles that explain the fasting procedure in detail. Moreover, it also has three unique subscription tiers to choose from.

To help you reach your weight loss objectives and get through your fasts, DoFasting also sells vitamins. These natural, vegan, gluten-free supplements are formulated to improve dietary fiber and nutrient absorption.

2. DoFasting Pros And Cons

DoFasting Pros And Cons

DoFasting Pros And Cons

2.1. The Pros

DoFasting is designated to keep your weight loss goal on track with a healthy fasting period. Here are some highlight points you should know in this Do Fasting app reviews:

  • Science says intermittent fasting boosts metabolism and aids weight loss. So this app can help you dive into fasting easier and healthier.
  • Fasting regulates hormones and sleep.
  • DoFasting tracks your fasting with a few touches.
  • Fasting reduces insulin levels.
  • You can find cookbooks, research, and more in this app.

2.2. The Cons

Aside from pros, the DoFasting app still has a few drawbacks that need improving. Here are some:

  • When you’ve never done intermittent fasting before, it can be difficult if you consume tiny meals often.
  • DoFasting is a paid subscription service.

3. DoFasting App Reviews: How To Use?

3.1. Step 1: Questionnaire

  • The short questionnaire questions gender, height, weight, desired weight, intermittent fasting experience, when you’re hungriest, and if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or diabetic.
  • After you answer the questions, DoFasting shows you a timeline so you can reach your goal weight.

3.2. Step 2: Sign Up And Pay

Enter your email to view the price. You can sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month autorenewal subscription. A timer runs while you enter payment info.

3.3. Step 3: Start Your Plan

  • You’ll be upsold some extreme upselling after buying your plan. DoFasting promotes membership-only supplements, although you can buy them later.
  • After creating an account, download the app. Follow the preparation recommendations before starting fasting.

4. How Does DoFasting Work?

A fasting/eating tracker is a key to the DoFasting app. You manually start and end your fast and eating window, although you can set a reminder. After each fasting, the app asks how you feel, making fasting easier over time.

DoFasting determines daily calorie needs based on sign-up questions. However, this app does not help you count calories. You must manually enter nutrition information for packaged foods and add individual ingredients or DoFasting recipes, like an egg or apple.

Recipe and fitness libraries are app highlights. You can filter your search by dish type, prep time, or calories. Moreover, your favorite recipes can be saved.

The workout library offers alternatives based on kind, skill level, time, and body area. The app provides video tutorials and a timer for the entire workout. You can also skip, pause, or go to the next exercise.

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5. What Can You Get From DoFasting Supplement?

What Can You Get From DoFasting Supplement?

What Can You Get From DoFasting Supplement?

5.1. Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies a must-have DoFasting supplement, it costs $63.99 for 3 bottles. As you know, apple cider vinegar is a health staple. It lowers blood sugar, promotes a healthy digestive tract, and calms acid reflux. And, DoFasting’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – another form of apple cider vinegar liquid – provide B6, B12, and folic acid. These gummies are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and artificial-flavor-free.

Apple cider vinegar erodes tooth enamel and can harm the esophagus when consumed in liquid form. Some people don’t like the flavor of diluted apple cider vinegar. That is why Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies is a wise-used choice.

5.2. The Essential Fiber Complex

The Essential Fiber Complex is priced $69.99 for 1-month supply. This Do Fasting supplement improves fullness, helping you to lengthen your fast. It regulates cholesterol and promotes intestinal health. Moreover, it is Non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan.

Cellulose and glucomannan are in the Essential Fiber Complex Box. Both cellulose and glucomannan may increase weight loss and satiety.

5.3. Keto Cycle Fuel

Keto Cycle Fuel costs $45.80 for a 5-pack. It boosts energy and accelerates ketosis with MCT, collagen, and electrolytes. Ketosis is a fat-burning metabolic state obtained by eating a high-fat, low-carb diet, like the ketogenic diet. Ketone beverages like Keto Cycle Fuel can induce ketosis without dietary changes.

There are two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. You can mix the powder in water and consume it an hour before/after your first meal or workout.

5.4. BHB Ketone Boost

Do you know what BHB Ketone Boost costs? It is priced at $29.16 for a 6-month supply. This supplement is a powder you drink before meals. Instead of glucose, the body uses fat-based ketones as fuel. Increasing ketone levels increases fat-burning, metabolism, mood, and energy and decreases hunger. There are two flavors here: peach and raspberry.

6. Do Fasting Supplement Reviews: How Does It Work?

DoFasting supplements include cellulose and glucomannan (approx. 2,000mg). 

  • Cellulose helps shed weight and prevents constipation and chronic disorders.
  • Glucomannan aids weight loss and reduces protein, carbohydrate, and fat energy absorption.

However, both glucomannan and cellulose cause hypoglycemia, diarrhea, bloating, and gas.

7. Does DoFasting Work To Lose Weight?

Does DoFasting help you lose weight? Yes, but it’s worth knowing how it works.

Intermittent fasting improves your metabolism, internal rhythm, and gut microbes. This weight-loss combo is potent.

This app helps you lose weight while investing in your health, saving you money. Moreover, fasting can reverse chronic illnesses.

One more thing, DoFasting’s moderate-intensity workouts increase mood and vitality. Once you adjust, you can improve your fasting rate and length.

By fasting, you’ll eat less often. DoFasting ensures that it keeps your fasting proper.


8. Do Fasting App Reviews & Do Fasting Supplement Reviews From Real Customer

Here are some 5-star reviews from real experiences of DoFasting customers: 

  • Starr Williams: So far, so good! So far, I am very excited about my progress. I’ve been doing this for one week and feel better! I am losing inches, so far, not lbs. I’m ok with that since my clothes are fitting better! I’m gonna keep doing this for at least three months. It’s working for me!
  • Martha Johnson: The app is awesome, from workouts to meal plans. It sets you up for success.
  • Sally Olsen: I appreciate DoFasting. I especially like the choice of recipes. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but I have lost 5lbs so far. It’s my fault due to not fasting exactly as recommended. I am fasting but with only omitting food. The drinks I still have, like my morning coffee with w/cream. But nothing to eat till my fast is over. That’s all I ask is for some weight to come off. I do intend to get better and follow as I should, but still satisfied. Thank you!
  • Sue B: You need this. So helpful! I could never do this on my own with my crazy schedule. I love this app!
Do Fasting App Reviews & Do Fasting Supplement Reviews From Real Customer

Do Fasting App Reviews & Do Fasting Supplement Reviews From Real Customer

9. DoFasting Reviews: The Pricing

There are many plan options for the DoFasting app as below: 

  • 3-month plan: $2.50 per week ($33 charged every 3 months).
  • 6-months plan: $1.75 per week ($46 charged every 6 months).
  • Annual plan: $1.25 per week ($66 charged every 12 months).

Bear in mind that every plan is subscription-based. If you don’t want to renew your subscription, you must cancel it online.

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10. Final Verdict: Is DoFasting Legit?

DoFasting is not a risky or unlawful weight loss app, so you can use it without worry. For people who cannot push themselves into a smooth weight loss journey, the DoFasting app is a great alternative to maintain their motivation. That can help to reduce weight swiftly. Liftyolife writes this blog about DoFasting reviews in the hopes that it may inspire you to make a life-altering choice.

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