BetterHelp Reviews: Is It The Best Online Therapy?

December 23, 2022

Online therapy is on the rise, and that’s why BetterHelp is one of the most popular online therapy platforms. Before starting your online therapy journey, look at these BetterHelp reviews, which will explain how it works and whether it’s the best online therapy provider. Keep reading this blog from Liftyolife ( for more details.

1. What is BetterHelp Therapy?

What is BetterHelp therapy? BetterHelp is an online counseling platform founded in 2013 and based in Mountain View, California. It offers online, video, and phone counseling. So you can access BetterHelp on smartphones, computers, or tablets. 

This center offers counseling from licensed psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and counselors.

BetterHelp has partnered with businesses and colleges in recent years. It includes multiple sibling websites that offer to counsel couples, teens, LGBTIQ+ people, and faith-based people.

Finally, this platform isn’t the ideal choice if you’re suicidal, a kid, or in a crisis or emergency. Moreover, it isn’t suited for people with serious mental illnesses, court-ordered therapy, or unreliable internet.

2. Who Should Use BetterHelp?

2.1. Teens, Relationships, Faith-Based, & LGBTQIA+

Subsidiary businesses of BetterHelp provide services, including adolescent counseling, marital counseling, spiritual counseling, and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. These businesses are owned and operated by BetterHelp and draw from the same pool of therapists and technological resources as BetterHelp.

When searching for a therapist, there are some places you should go, as below:

  • Adolescents should visit Teen Counseling.
  • Couples should see ReGain.
  • Members of the religious community should visit Faithful Counseling.
  • Members of the LGBTQIA+ community should visit Pride Counseling.

2.2. Anxiety and Depression Treatment

On BetterHelp, anxiety, and depression sufferers can discover licensed counselors and therapists. Therapists often utilize CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and mindfulness to help you manage symptoms. However, BetterHelp cannot currently prescribe medication.

2.3. Affordable Therapy Without Insurance

If you want to talk to a therapist but don’t have health insurance, a BetterHelp subscription is a fantastic choice.

3. How Does BetterHelp Work?

How does BetterHelp work? BetterHelp offers unlimited messaging, live chat, therapy session format, live video sessions, and live phone sessions as the ways to use this online therapy platform.

How Does BetterHelp Work?

How Does BetterHelp Work?

3.1. Unlimited Messaging 

With BetterHelp, texting is like email. It’s available 24/7, but your BetterHelp counselor won’t answer immediately. Any time your counselor sends a message, you will get an email alert. Between live video, phone, or chat sessions, you can message your therapist to ask a short question or check-in. This establishes an ongoing conversation that you may refer to afterward.

3.2. Live Chat 

BetterHelp’s live chat feature is like texting. You and your BetterHelp counselor will be in a private, secure online therapy room. While it’s more time-consuming than a live video session or phone conversation, some people prefer it, especially if they want to keep their mental health private or are uncomfortable with live sessions. You can read through the chat session till you cancel your subscription.

3.3. Therapy Session Format

The weekly subscription rate for BetterHelp online counseling includes unlimited texting and one live chat, phone call, or video session per week. Some people switch formats weekly based on mental health needs. Depending on your therapist’s availability, BetterHelp’s live video, chat, or phone sessions last 30 to 50 minutes. Moreover, BetterHelp is accessible via a PC or mobile app.

3.4. Live Video Sessions 

Online video sessions are the next best thing to meeting with a therapist face-to-face. Video therapy sessions are scheduled in advance. You will have a video chat session in your virtual therapy room.

3.5. Live Phone Sessions 

Similar to setting up a meeting through chat or video call, you can arrange to speak with your counselor over the phone. The incredible thing about this choice is that you don’t need the internet or a computer in a phone treatment session. 

4. BetterHelp Reviews: The Pros And Cons

4.1. The Pros

The moment has come to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of BetterHelp reviews. Numerous advantages draw users to this platform:

  • So many counselors.
  • Simple to request counseling.
  • The website explains every detail of the counseling process.
  • Counseling using live video, phone, chat room texts, and computer or mobile app.
  • Clear about prices.
  • Aid for those who qualify.
  • Communicate online or using the iOS and Android apps.

4.2. The Cons

Aside from benefits, BetterHelp also has a few drawbacks as follows:

  • Kids and teens have no counseling (you must be 18+).
  • Lack of a doctor for prescriptions.
  • No couples therapy.
  • Some people may have too much homework between therapy sessions.
  • Insurance is not accepted.
  • Therapists can’t diagnose mental health disorders.

5. How Much Is BetterHelp?

What is BetterHelp pricing? BetterHelp’s fees range from $ 60 to $ 90 a week or $240 to $360 per month, depending on the type of counseling you require. The availability of therapists and the cost of living in your state are additional factors. In counseling, this is not a particularly high price range. Compared to the cost of in-person counseling, which can range from $80-$150 per session/week (or $320-$600 per month), BetterHelp becomes more financially feasible.

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How Much Is BetterHelp?

How Much Is BetterHelp?

6. How To Start With BetterHelp?

To kick off with the BetterHelp service, you must follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Complete BetterHelp’s questionnaire for 20% off your first month. Download this app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Complete a survey and establish an account. Name, state, and therapist preferences are required. You’ll also explain why you want to start therapy and how you like communicating with your therapist (texting or phone/video).
  • Step 3: You must enter your payment information before entering the app. Credit cards, PayPal, and HSA/FSA cards are accepted. You’ll be connected with a therapist after paying.

7. FAQ

  • Is BetterHelp Legitimate? 100% yes! If you’re looking for a trustworthy online teletherapy platform, look no further than BetterHelp, which has passed rigorous business and medical standards checks. Psychological health professionals in medical affairs have also reviewed it. The BetterHelp team boasts professionals that are “fully licensed and in good standing.”
  • Does BetterHelp Take Insurance? Sadly, the answer is NO. BetterHelp is not a part of Medicare or Medicaid, nor does it accept insurance from any health insurance company. So, therapy expenses incurred while using the platform are not covered by insurance.
  • Can I Use My HSA/FSA For BetterHelp? Yes, BetterHelp accepts FSA/HSA.

8. BetterHelp Customer Reviews

What are BetterHelp customer reviews? The BetterHelp app has received a 4.7-star rating across 24,000+ reviews on the Google Play Store and a 4.8-star rating across 61,000+ reviews on the Apple App Store. For example, many 5-star reviews come from both iOS and Android:

  • Kristen Cruz: The option to have therapy online or through my phone and it being convenient to reach my therapist has definitely helped with my anxiety. There are a lot of conveniences, as well as getting to pick your therapist based on their bio and what you’re comfortable with, and also being able to have multiple types of communication. I do enjoy the Journal aspect as well, and it gives me a daily assignment to look forward to without having to force myself to come up with a prompt that would take forever.
  • Kathleen Cisek: More reliable than the other web service I tried. Signing up was easy, and I was able to see the availability of therapists when choosing. I was placed with the perfect therapist for me. She’s always on time and makes sure to get me scheduled each week. I notice the benefit of daily journaling, and my therapist’s responses are helpful.
  • Missy Orlando: I LOVE the fact you can literally message every day, anytime, and as much as you want. They will only answer you once a day, but you can kind of use this as your personal diary and have someone kind of look over you, and you get feedback from it. The sessions are even through texting if you want to. The only issue I have is I feel that it costs a little too much for just text. They should have a lower rate.
  • C WC: Great place to start your mental health journey (they even offer a sliding scale subscription!). Matching with a therapist can take some time (especially if you’re re-matching to a new one) but overall a solid resource. Be sure to use all the app’s features (journal/groupings) to get the most out of it.
  • Lohan R: Great service. I recommend better help to anyone and everyone who can use additional support. Easy to use, daily access to your therapist if and as needed. And I very much like the confidentiality of the surface. It’s not cheap, but it’s an investment in emotional intelligence and health. Just as important as having a gym membership.

9. BetterHelp Reviews Conclusion

Is BetterHelp good? Or is BetterHelp worth itBetterHelp is a top online counselor. You can start working with a counselor in less than 24 hours with a simple sign-up method and a large network of therapists. BetterHelp is easy to use and accessible on a computer or mobile device via live video, phone calls, chat room messages, and live chat. Moreover, BetterHelp therapists can assist with addressing mental health concerns, including anxiety, stress, relationships, depression, addictions, family disputes, LGBT issues, and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact BetterHelp if you are experiencing emotional distress and want to talk to a trained professional. Like its name, BetterHelp helps you feel better. After reading this blog about BetterHelp reviews, Liftyolife ( hopes you’ll leave a favorable impression on this online therapy platform. It is always available when you need it.

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