Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: Which Is Better?

December 16, 2022

Your digestive system and gut health are responsible for your growth and vitality. But you might only achieve that with a positive lifestyle and the right supplement. In this post, Liftyolife will discuss the most-used two of them – Inno Cleanse vs Colon Broom. Which works better as an effective colon supplement? Let’s find out!

1. Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: Overview

1.1. Inno Cleanse

Inno Cleanse is an all-natural supplement that aids in the removal of toxins from the digestive system and the improvement of gut health. Its formula acts as a laxative, effectively strengthening your gut.

When using Inno Cleanse, you will notice immediate results within 24 hours. This is typical of Inno Cleans products. However, Inno Cleanse also aids in weight loss and bloating relief.

1.2. Colon Broom

Colon Broom

Colon Broom

Colon Broom is a gluten-free supplement that aids in the prevention of diarrhea and the improvement of gut function. This is a vegan, fiber-based product. As a result, it is suitable for almost everyone, including those who may have allergic reactions.

Colon Broom has long been valued for its ability to boost metabolism, regulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins in the colon, and promote natural weight loss. Many people have even added the use of this product into their effort to get a flat belly.

Like Inno Cleanse, Colon Broom is a laxative. With the necessary ingredients, it combats constipation, bloating, poor gut health, and a lack of probiotic function. Those factors are undeniably causes of a digestive system downgrade.

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Now you have learned some background information about the two supplements. So, Inno Cleanse vs Colon Broom — which is more beneficial? Let’s get straight to the pros and cons. 

2. Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Pros And Cons

Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Pros And Cons

Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Pros And Cons

2.1. Inno Cleanse

Here are the pros and cons of Inno Cleanse:

Pros Cons
  • The ingredients are promising.
  • It may take you only 24 – 28 hours to see instant changes and 14 days to witness the whole treatment results.
  • It comes in the form of capsules which are easy and quick to take.
  • The ingredients can be intense for some users.
  • It’s not reasonably priced compared to its alternatives on the market.
  • It may cause some potential side effects.

2.2. Colon Broom

Here are the pros and cons of Colon Broom:

Pros Cons
  • Plant-based, gluten-free ingredients that are safe and natural;
  • Helps with weight loss and fat-burning;
  • Boosts probiotic development in the digestive system;
  • Promotes metabolism;
  • Reasonably priced with exciting offers.
  • You can only buy this product on the manufacturer’s official website.
  • This powdered supplement is unavailable in capsules, which may be inconvenient.

Overall, Inno Cleanse and Colon Broom are highly capable of improving gut health and digestive functioning. While Colon Broom sounds more like a real deal to you, do both supplements convert in any potential side effects? Read on.

3. Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: Is It Safe?

3.1. Inno Cleanse

Inno Cleanse can be safe generally, but not for everyone. Some adverse reactions are potentially in taking this product into your body. These are:

  • abdominal discomfort
  • bloating (in the first few weeks)
  • diarrhea
  • dehydration

3.2. Colon Brom

Colon Broom has not been directly linked to any serious risk as of yet. However, bloating has been reported in the first few days of use, which is supposed to be normal. 

The supplier strongly advises that you drink enough water with the product to achieve the desired results without experiencing any side effects. Also, pregnant women are not allowed to use it.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at their ingredients. You may come to your own decision below.

4. Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: The Ingredients

Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: The Ingredients

Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: The Ingredients

4.1. Inno Cleanse

  • Cascara Sagrada

This is a natural laxative that aids in the proper functioning of the colon. It relaxes the way the gut muscles contract, making bowel movements easier. It also helps with dehydration because it prevents constant watery stools.

  • Aloe Leaf Extract

Most people are probably familiar with this cactus-like plant. Aside from the numerous health benefits that aloe provides, it also promotes gut health through various effects. It prevents constipation, eliminates toxins, reduces bloating, promotes weight loss, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Fennel Seed

Studies show that the high fiber content of cumin seeds helps to prevent water retention in the body. Furthermore, this ingredient has a mild effect on your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer and less hungry.

  • Milk Thistle

By neutralizing the proper levels of glutathione, this ingredient promotes the health and function of the liver. The liver is the body’s only and most effective “filter” that works for detoxification. A healthy liver will protect many organs, including the gut and stomach, from harmful toxins.

4.2. Colon Broom

  • Citric Acid

This ingredient supports the body’s metabolism by assisting the body in converting nutrients into the energy required to feed the cells. Furthermore, a thick intestinal wall indicates that your intestines have absorbed enough citric acid. This substance can also regulate triglyceride and cholesterol levels, promoting healthier blood quality.

  • Psyllium Husk Powder

According to research, this ingredient has properties that control your appetite, allowing you to consume fewer calories when you eat. However, the main advantage of psyllium pods is that they promote the growth of a beneficial microbial ecosystem in the digestive system. This reduces the possibility of constipation or abdominal pain.

  • Stevia Leaf Extract

This herb is well-known as a low-calorie substitute for artificial sweeteners. It promotes healthy blood circulation by maintaining normal blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It’s ideal for weight loss management and overall health.

  • Crystallized Lemon

This ingredient is found in many supplements to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Pharmacists use crystallized lemon as a natural slimming remedy that also prevents kidney stones. This will benefit gut health and the digestive system in general as well.

  • Sea Salt

This ingredient may be too familiar to us, with its typical skin health and blood pressure benefits. Furthermore, sea salt can be an effective colon detoxifier, cleaning the intestines and relieving constipation.

The two colon supplement’s ingredients are entirely different from each other. Although both work as laxatives to relax the gut and improve overall digestive health, Colon Broom has an impressive extra benefit as a weight loss support.

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Now let’s have a look at how to use them.

5. Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Dosage

5.1. Inno Cleanse

This product requires no inconvenience for pill taking. Simply take 2 or 3 capsules daily before your bedtime. The recommended dose is yet 2 capsules per day.


  • If you exceed 3 capsules daily, some adverse reactions may appear, as introduced earlier. Make sure that you follow the instructions strictly for better results.
  • Only use for a maximum of 14 days monthly. If you want more, seek medical advice before exceeding that recommended duration.
  • If you have had severe allergies before, you should better seek a doctor’s instructions before trying Inno Cleanse.

5.2. Colon Broom

Colon Broom comes in the form of powder, so you should take it with water for sure. The recommended dose is one teaspoon of powder mixed with 250 ml of water. Take two similar servings daily with additional water. If you’re a newcomer to Colon Broom, it’s recommended to take merely one dose for the first week is recommended. 


  • Don’t take Colon Broom less than 60 minutes before bedtime.
  • Stop using drugs while you’re on colon supplementation.
  • You may want more instructions from a doctor before using it.

6. Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Pricing

Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Pricing

Colon Broom Vs Inno Cleanse: The Pricing

6.1. Inno Cleanse

This supplement is priced at $39.99 per bottle for a two-month supply, but the price can drop to $31.99 for a subscription. Buying from its official website, you can also get a free “20 Days Gut Fix” guide.

6.2. Colon Broom

The pricing for Colon Broom is listed as follows:

  • $64.99/bottle for a one-month supply + Free shipping charge
  • $35.99/bottle for a three-month supply (Save 50%) + Free shipping charge 
  • $27.99/bottle for a six-month supply (Save 65%) + Free shipping charge

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Inno Cleanse Vs Colon Broom: Which Is Better? We believe Colon Broom will work better in strengthening gut health and the overall digestive system safely through the comparison we have made. The highlighted extra benefit of supporting weight loss from this colon supplement is also promising.

The bottom line: it would also depend on your health conditions to decide which product performs better for you. But finally, to compare Inno Cleanse vs Colon Broom, we have looked at the crucial criteria and come to a clear answer. Whatever your choice, both supplements can enhance your colon functioning, but the latter should be worth the first try. Liftyolife hopes this article has provided you with a helpful reading.

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